Flashback Zone

Omni Viewer: Panicked

Wow, Boomers… things don’t look like they can get much worse…

But at times like this, it’s important to remember there’s always a way to beat the bad things life throws at us. No matter how dark, how bleak, how awful, good always triumphs over evil in the end.

True, it may not be exactly clear how to beat the evil but, uh… sorry, lost my train of thought there. What were we on about?

Oh, yes, Super Sonic!

Well, this isn’t Super Sonic’s first freak out, you know. Far from it, in fact. Today, I’m going to take you back to one of STC’s most famous stories, one where it seemed Super Sonic had destroyed everything regular, blue, decent Sonic held dear!

Running Wild

Issues #80-82

STC #80-82 Covers

Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Ellie De’ Ville

Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L.T. Fletcher
Added to Omni-Viewer’s Data Banks by Michael Corker

Flashback Zone 01

It had been a tumultuous few months for Sonic. Between Porker Lewis’ departure from the Freedom Fighters, travelling back in time with the Chaotix Crew to fix history, revelations about his involvement in Robotnik’s origins, the defeat of the Brotherhood of Metallix and a near miss on the Miracle Planet as he and his friends took measures to revert it to its original, green state, Sonic had barely enjoyed a moment’s peace. Oh, all that stuff I just mentioned? Don’t worry about it, it’s fine, we’ll get there sooner or later.

Anyway, Sonic decided to check in on his buddy Porker Lewis. Porker had always been a bit of a wuss, bless him, and being held captive by the Brotherhood of Metallix on the Miracle Planet for a whole month had broken his last nerve and he found himself forced to quit the Freedom Fighters, moving to live with Knuckles on the safety of the Floating Island. The two chatted about their mutual friends but when Porker mentioned Amy, he really struck a nerve! Sonic didn’t have much time to elaborate, however, as he was startled by another voice!

Flashback Zone 02

The Robot Guardian Knuckles had set to watch over the Emerald Chamber took Sonic by surprise and he slipped over the ledge he was sat on! Sonic tumbled into the pit the Emeralds’ Chaos Energy flowed into, keeping the island afloat!

Time for a quiz, Boomers!

When Sonic is exposed to massive amounts of Chaos Energy, does he:

A) Have a good old laugh about it over a nice brew and a strawberry gateau with Porker?
B) Transform into a nigh-unstoppable killing machine bent on nothing more than total destruction?

Flashback Zone 03

If you answered “A”, you were wrong… Sorry…

Interestingly, though they are two separate entities, Sonic and Super Sonic have been shown to share some aspects of their minds. For instance, it’s not unusual for them to both remember what the other thought before a transformation…

Flashback Zone 04

Of course, Sonic had thinking about how Amy had been making him cross and, well, there are only so many ways Super Sonic deals with anger…

Flashback Zone 05

Amy had been taken by surprise, but she was still able to narrowly avoid death from above as Super Sonic ploughed straight into the Freedom Fighters’ caravan, totalling it in an instant. And just two months before it would have been fully paid off too, some folks are so inconsiderate.

Super Sonic wasn’t done there, though. Taunting Tails, Amy and Johnny as he attempted to obliterate them, things looked grim for our heroes. Johnny suggested Tails fly away and get help from Knuckles but Amy had another plan. Johnny’s mention of flight had given her a brilliant idea.

Flashback Zone 06

Super Sonic, seeing the bi-plane fly away, realised the good guys must have been trying to escape him! Well, he wasn’t having any of that and shot the plane out of the sky with a burst of energy! Careening into the ground, the bi-plane exploded spectacularly. Nobody escaped the wreckage. Super Sonic laughed and laughed and laughed…

Flashback Zone 07

…And then reverted to Sonic.

Flashback Zone 08

Wracked with guilt and forced to lay low, Sonic attempted to blend in at Spike’s Place, the number one bar of choice for lowlife scum. Unfortunately, his disguise was blown in short order and the clientele decided to hand him in to Robotnik for the big reward the doctor had on Sonic’s head!
Flashback Zone 09

Panicking, Sonic transformed once again! The bar patrons decided that perhaps retreat was the best course of action, as opposed to being atomised (and I can’t fault that logic).

Flashback Zone 10

Bursting out into the streets, Super Sonic was surprised to find Amy, Tails and Johnny Lightfoot, alive and well! Amy explained that they had never been on the bi-plane at all and that the Kintobor Computer had been piloting it manually! In the distraction, the three had escaped to formulate a plan- and it seemed to be related to the thing they had under a large sheet!

Flashback Zone 11

Tails removed the sheet to reveal it was the Star Post, Sonic’s gateway between the Special Zone and Mobius! Amy managed to hook the Kintobor Computer up to the Star Post and Super Sonic was pulled towards it like a tractor beam! With one final burst, all the Chaos Energy was yanked through to the other side…

Flashback Zone 12

…And Sonic was normal again! Amy explained that Kintobor had come up with a way to send the Chaos Energy stored in Super Sonic to the Special Zone to dissipate harmlessly… but Kintobor was concerned. He’d picked up a strange reading suggesting that, in fact, Super Sonic himself had been split from Sonic and now existed in the Special Zone!

Flashback Zone 13

There was nothing the gang could do for now, though, but regroup. Sonic was humbled by his friends’ actions. It wouldn’t be the last time he’d need some extra help to overcome his demons…

Omni Viewer: Optimistic

So there we go, Boomers. Super Sonic’s most famous and deadly attack… well, until this issue, that is.

Look, don’t you worry, it’ll be alright, I promise you. I’ve seen how things go down- I’m a time traveller, remember? I bet this time next issue, we’ll all be able to look back and laugh on this… maybe over one of those strawberry gateaux…

See you next space-time!

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