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The Story So Far...


Run for your lives! Super Sonic has been unleashed and there's no telling just what he might do now that he's on the loose again! Can the heroes of Mobius stop the dark days of Silver's future coming to pass?

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Super Sonic

Super Sonic

Sonic the hedgehog can't come out to play right now - his berserker alter-ego Super Sonic has taken over his body and who can be sure what this malevolent menace has in mind now that he's free to run amok once more!


Once merely the 'pixel-brained' sidekick of Sonic, high flyer Tails is now the prime hero of Mobius! But can he save the day when the threat to the world is his best friend?


This future Freedom Fighter has travelled back 70 years into his past, armed with telekinetic powers and his smart-watch computer "A.G." He was supposed to stop a certain blue hedgehog from becoming the creature Silver knew of in the future as "Iblis" - big success so far!
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SUPER SONIC: Unleashed! Part 2
Story: Stephen 'Spydaman' Davis
Art: Thalia Evans, Jean-François 'Adamis' Thébé, James 'DarkNoise' Kennedy, and India Swift
Colours: Pete Murphy
Letters: Chris Gould