Competition Zone

Competition Zone!

At this years Summer of Sonic convention in London, SEGA graciously printed the lead story from Sonic the Comic #261 ('In Memory' written by Nigel Kitching with art by Michael Corker and Nigel Dobbyn) for a very special 20th anniversary edition of STC!

We picked up an extra copy and offered one lucky boomer the chance to win this very limited edition comic!

All you had to do was send us your most creative, imaginative, and witty responses to the question "Why do you deserve to win a printed copy of STC #261".

Well done to everyone who entered, there were so many great entries but we could only have one grand prize winner and four runner-ups, and here they are:

The Winner:

Taylor Prinz

Why I should win a copy of Sonic the Comic #261: I won't give a you my sop story about how I never owned a single STC issue, or that STC's Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching changed my life.

No, in this message I will be asking you to take pity on a poor Canadian soul. A freezing young woman living in an igloo, constantly fighting off the rouge polar bears and moose that block my path to the looming building of my dreaded high school. Even my poor pet penguin Bob Beaky cannot last much longer in this chill.

STC is the only thing that brings warmth to the constant cold that is Canada. I fear that if I cannot hold an issue of STC in my forever gloved hands soon, I may freeze.

I beg of you, please save me from becoming a Boomer-cicle with the flame of joy and happiness that only Sonic the Comic #261 can bring in this white wasteland.

Yours truly,

5 year long STC freezing-yet-hopeful-Canadian-fan, Taylor.

PS. Megadroid is the most amazing, spectacular being to grace this unworthy planet.

The Runner-Ups:

Charlotte Hof

Why I should win a copy of Sonic the Comic #261:

Tails: Sonic! Sonic, wait up!
Sonic: Get lost pixel-brain! My disguise has been blown, can't you see that?
Tails: But... but it's really important!
Sonic: More important than escaping some freakin' bounty hunters, huh? Fine, but make it short.
Tails: Right, there's that kid that wants a printed issue of...
Sonic: You call that urgent news? Well, now that you're here you might as well just read his letter out.
Tails: Actually it's a she, and she writes: "Dear Sonic, I've read all the issues of your comic and consider myself a big fan..."
Sonic: Who doesn't?
Tails: "... I drew many comics at home featuring you and all the other characters from STC, because I hope to become a professional artist at STC one day..."
Sonic: I am deeply impressed.
Tails: "... I also wrote a script for a possible new issue, because I already imagined how your story could continue..."
Sonic: You're definitely not the first one.
Tails: "... Oh, and I also..."
Sonic: Tails, do me a favor and skip that. Just read out the ending 'cuz I doubt that this one's gonna win.
Tails: Uh, okay: "... I have also collected every issue of your great comic and that is another reason why I NEED to have this issue. So now you should know why it's me who is worthy to have the prize."
Sonic: Sure...
Tails: Wait Sonic and listen to this: "Finally, I just wanted to say something personal: Among all the characters, I think Tails is the coolest and he should be the main hero because he is so brave, so modest, so cute and also..."
Sonic: All right, that's it! That girl will definitely NOT get our last printed issue!

Josh Chichon

Why I should win a copy of Sonic the Comic #261: Well, it's not like I deserve one or anything, I'm pretty sure the next email you read will be from someone who loves STC just as much as I do, so I don't exactly have a reason for why I personally should win, but I'd like to win. I really would like a copy, it would be nice to actually sit down and read it, especially with old favourites on board, everyone should know a Nigel or two by now as what I could consider parents to the STC series.

I could say I remember fondly of the series as a child, but that isn't exactly true so I'll just be honest. I read a few good portions as a young boy, not exactly the entire comic as I was honestly too young and so I went back and gave the entire series a read over the span of about a year in 2011, it was one heck of a nostalgia trip and I felt pretty emotional at the end. Then I turned to STCO and continued on from there, but without going on a full history trip I'll finish up here and just say, I don't deserve it, nor do I really need it, but I'd like it because I like Sonic the Hedgehog, I like Sonic The Comic and I consider its canon to be one of the most unique and exciting of all Sonic canon's, more so than the Archie which I know is widely popular.

So that's all I have to say, I hope I win but I won't cry if I don't, thumbs up to the guy or girl who does and hopefully they read it and not lock it away in some vault never to be seen or heard of again.

Elena McLean

Why I should win a copy of Sonic the Comic #261: I wish I had some huge story about being a fan since I was little, and following you guys throughout the years, but I really can't because that would be a lie. Honestly, I started following you guys five years ago - when I was starting in grade 9. You guys were already not printing comics anymore, and I don't live in Europe, so there's really no way I could find them (Unless I pay obscenely large amounts of money on Ebay or something). However, thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet, I read almost all of them. And I could honestly say, it was a huge impact on my life.

I know that sounds a little cliche, but I'm being completely serious. I have NEVER obsessed over something more. You see, at the time I wasn't really that IN to Sonic, I mean had a couple games, but that was about it. I liked him, but I wasn't really in the fanbase. That was, however, until a friend of mine told me that he saw a picture of a evil, psychotic version of Super Sonic chasing after Tails and Amy. I don't even know why, but that one description piqued me interest enough to not only find that picture, but find out where it originated from. And I did. And I read the SHIZNITS outta those comics. I loved your ideas and concepts, I loved the entire world you created much more then anything I'd ever read, EVER. And I absolutely ADORED Super Sonic.

Reading your comic jump-started my love of drawing, roleplaying, and writing again. I did so much in your world, I can't even explain my thanks, because honestly, because of your comic, I really am what I am today.

Nowadays, I'm not just making fanfictions, or obsessively drawing Sonic. I'm actually creating my own comic - which is the career path I've chosen.

Wow, looks like I really went off on a tangent. I just wanted to formally thank you guys for the impact you've created in my life. However, the sucky thing is, is that I really honestly don't have any of your merchandise to show for it (I don't think my thousands of Super Sonic pictures count... or the painting I did of him). I would really, really, really love it if I got the comic.

Even if I don't though, I really just wanted to thank you for what you did, and I'll continue to follow the comic online X3 As well as continue hoping for more issues with SS in them.

Sean Kitchen

Why I should win a copy of Sonic the Comic #261: The story contained in #261 is 'In Memory'. Some of my favourite memories of my childhood are from STC. The first issue I bought was from a shop known as Kwik Save, renowned for its no-frills food products. And yet, there were thrills galore. The story (because I cannot remember the number, seriously, I should just look it up): Sonic has his first encounter of a certain red echidna, who initially considers Sonic to be a villain due to a certain eggy scientist-genius-villain-madman.

I remember a caption where Knuckles and Sonic were fighting and Sonic used his force-field for the first time, and I thought that was so cool. Then I played Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles and found it based in the game. I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time, so this concept t! hat STC was doing stories based on Sonic computer games that I was playing blew my mind. I was hooked, some of my favourite stories included the games I was playing at that time (particularly the Countdown to Disaster and Disaster storylines).

My favourite story by far was the Brotherhood of Metallix story arc, with so many twists and turns especially with Sonic having to 'make' Robotnik to defeat them. I started to read books based on Sonic's origins and then adventure books based on his exploits, and as such I got older and read other books (I ended up going to university and getting a really good degree in English Literature). One day at university I found stc online, and my passion for all things speedy-blue-hedgehog resurfaced. I was so happy to rediscover it, and reading the new stories was a real joy.

Sorry, I think I've opted less for the witty response and more for the crying mum rotten-egg-in-your-tea kind of response that won't win me any competitions. Having said that, I think this is something that I've always wanted to say to you STC. So, in the style of Sonic, saving the world even though he is thought of as a criminal by the people, I would like to say Thank you. I have loved every step we have taken together through my progressive years, and even though I lagged behind for a few years (I don't think anyone can keep up with Sonic that long) I'm so happy you came back for your fans. Don't leave us!

Congratulations again to all our winners! Make sure you check your emails for a little runner-up prize from us!