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The Story So Far...


Mobius is at war with Doctor Robotnik! Heroes like Tails, Amy, and Knuckles are fighting to keep their planet free - but unfortunately, Sonic the Hedgehog is public enemy number one after being smeared by the KBC network!

Now his secret identity of "Bob Beaky" has been blown and there's a price on his head, giving him no respite from being hunted - and that's before the Chaotix Crew turned up!
Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's on the run and really feeling the stress. He'd rather fight against Robotnik's Badnik hordes but first he'll have to escape the Chaotix - hopefully, without turning into the evil Super Sonic!
The Chaotix Crew

The Chaotix Crew

Techie Vector, brawler Mighty, sarky Espio, barmy Charmy Bee, and time/space warper Omni Viewer used to guard the Special Zone until Shadow destroyed it. Now they fight to protect Mobius from suffering the same fate! Unfortunately for Sonic, that means they think they have to bring him in!
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SONIC: Hog Hunt Part 2
Story: Stephen 'Spydaman' Davis
Art: Michael 'Stiv' Stephenson (p1-2, 5-7) and Adamis (p3-4) with Pete Murphy
Letters: Chris Gould