Hey there Space Cats!

Confused that your usual STC is looking a little more funky this Christmas? No need to freak out or get nasty, Megadroid has taken a much deserved break from control zone duties for this festive season in order to allow me, Fuse, the wise head on calm shoulders (ah-hem...) from behind the scenes at Space Channel 5, to send this hyper cube telegram before last space post back into my distant past and your looming (Christmas) present!

Space Channel 5 is the most trusted source for news from across the known universe in the 26th century and we’re proud to be reaching back in time to introduce those of you unfamiliar with our programming with the help of this very special edition of Sonic the Comic – hey, ratings is ratings, nobody said they all had to come from our own time period!

Naturally, top of the news agenda, you’ll be curious to know how the world of tomorrow celebrates the holidays in our far flung future, but rest assured, Santa delivers all his presents to the galaxy one army of robot drone helpers at a time just as he’s always done, and the ratings winner this Christmas is once again likely to be the latest episode of time travelling hero "Space Doctor", reaching the big 999th regeneration and proving some things really never do change…

But what about the BIG headlines? What of Space Channel 5’s very own home-grown hyperspace hero? The intrepid investigator and star of Space channel 5 is the one and only Ulala, and in this Christmas special you’ll find a brand new strip featuring one of her ratings winning reports - Go see what happens when the stars come out to play in “Space Channel 5 Vs Star Factor 9!

Should Ulala and her friends have won over some new followers, the regular wallpapers zone has a selection of cool images featuring our planetary princess and some of her associates so you can decorate your quaint little computer devices, along with some more familiar STC faces who wanted to get into the Christmas spirit too! Despite my best efforts, your “humes” refused to cater for my Windows 300 iMonacle, so I’ll just have to assume they’ll all look totally out of sight on your meagre machines!

In other news, while STC’s 20th anniversary celebrations may be drawing to a close, the Anniversary Zone and timeline projects aren’t quite done yet dishing out their goodies, so keep your eyes peeled for the final updates in the next week or so from STC contributors past, present and future!

Also, I have a note here from somebody called Receptionik that the big competition to win the special edition printed copy of issue #261 has now closed and the winner was the much deserved Taylor P from Canada - Super sonic sized congratulations to you on your retro reading format prize, which will be teleporting over to you sometime soon in 2014 and I’m reliably informed that the winning entry, along with a selection of the best runners up, will be appearing in a special feature within an upcoming issue of STC so be sure to keep an eye out!

Lastly, Megadroid asked me to round off this somewhat lengthy message capsule by wishing all “boomers” a most cool of Yules and hip hop happenin’ of New year’s celebrations, even though for me it’s a pretty old year by now… ah, the great Space Elvis comeback of 2014 – such an exciting age to live through!

Still, that’s all to come in your futures, so before you worry too much about all that, let’s get down, get funky and lock that dial to the best news station around: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Channel 5!


Head of Broadcasting
Space Channel 5


10) Actually This
Is A Love Song

- Peter Android

9) Space Harrier

- Babylon Zoo

8) This Is My Happiness

- Naofumi Hataya

7) Summertime Lovin'

- Mordecai & The Rigbys

6) Buy My Christmas No.1, Girl

- Fabian Vane

5) Be Nice Or Die
(We Mean It)

- Krampus & Zwarte Piet

4) Pala Paya (cover)

- Boss Hoorg

3) Waiting For a Star
to Fall (cover)

- Ristar

2) Mexican Flyer

- Ken Woodman & His Piccadilly Brass

1) Groove is in the Heart - Deee Lite