Hallowe'en 2013

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Megadroid Hey BOO-mers!

Ha! See what I did there? Took me twenty years to figure that one out...

As you can see, I'm having a little trouble finding someone to re-attach my severed arm - I haven't been able to get in touch with the engineers on my home planet for years. Maybe I should try and find that lab I temped in before I started at STC, it should have been rebuilt by now...

Anyway! I hope you're all set on your hallowe'en plans! Whether you're staying in, partying up or venturing out, don't you dare make a start until you've read this spooky special from the Sonic the Comic Online team!

Our hallowe'en strip this year comes in the form of a solo outing for Amy Rose, where she sets about discovering the truth behind The Curse of Silent Spire! Set about it with her... If you dare!

We've got the debut of some new STCO Art Humes with this year's Wallpapers and Cover. Tell us what you think of the new recruits via the comments section at the bottom of the page!

There's still a month left to get your entry sent in for our Competition Zone, don't forget to enter if you want a shot at our fabulous prize!

Our next issue will be along very shortly but keep an eye on the STC Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and you might get a glimpse of it beforehand!

See you soooon, Booooooomers! MUAH-HA-HAAAA*coughcough*

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The ghostly Skeleton Crew, foretold to plague the Emerald Hill Zone every fifty years on Halloween, began their attack almost four decades early. Unlike previous attacks, this time the Skeleton Crew carried out a Tweeter campaign so everyone would know they were coming. "We heard that tourism has been down since the war started," they told the press, "and we wanted to do our bit to help the local economy."


Inhabitants of the Silent Spire Zone have warmly extended an invitation to curious travellers interested in visiting the local Hallowe'en festival in the heart of their cosy village.

Organisers stress that entry is free to all mobians wishing to escape their troubles with the ongoing hostilities of war for an enchanted evening, but also advise that dressing up will be strongly encouraged and there are prizes awarded for best outfits.

Local law enforcers have announced that any strange goings on being reported in the area during the festival will be taken in the spirit of the time of year, but assured the public that they should still remain vigilant in these times of heightened security...


More on this story as it develops...

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