Summer 2009

Hey Boomers! 

Yes, it’s summer again, those long, hot… er, wet and drizzling few months when you’re all finished your exams and get to… well, find jobs for a bit of cash, really… Hmm, thinking about it, summer’s a bit rubbish! Lucky for you lot that there’s a Sonic Summer Special to brighten the days up!

First up is a complete Tails adventure, as the plucky lad finds himself the only hero around to face the potential return of the Brotherhood of Metallix! After that, it’s away from Mobius for a complete Panzer Dragoon teaser strip!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s some posters; the return of Speedlines! If you want to write in to STC again, just head over there. (No free cups anymore though!)

You want more? Well, you can’t have it – not until #250 comes out, with a mega-epic and the results of our Graphic Zone competition. Check out our special trailer (made especially by Black Dog Brew) for it!


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Sonic was the super-fast hero of Mobius, and led a gang of freedom fighters. While he was totally committed to keeping Planet Mobius and its people safe, he faced a smear campaign by the Kane Broadcasting Company!



Tails is an optimistic young fox who uses his two tails to fly for short periods. He idolises Sonic but has also become a respected hero in his own right – if only anyone would notice!



Metallix the Metal Sonic was one of the most terrifying threats to Mobius – an army of them under the title the Brotherhood of Metallix almost conquered time itself!

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STC #250

Coming Soon!

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Editor-in-Chief: Michael Corker
Cover by: Saku

Special thanks this issue to:
Charles Ellis, Iain “Retro” Stewart, Calisto, Pete Murphy, Jean-François “Adamis” Thébé, Michael Corker, and the rest of the STC team!

Sonic the Comic is copyright © Egmont Magazines Ltd. Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters © SEGA.

Other characters belong to their creators. Used without permission. Published by the Sonic the Comic online team. This comic is only available on the internet.

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