#280 | 16 June 2024

Hey, Boomers! 


Well – If that wasn’t the longest hibernation I’ve had in a long time!

I feel like I’d only just recovered after STC’s big 30th birthday bash last year when I realised I’d offlined all the way through the 31st!  These old batteries are obviously wearing a bit thin!
Thirty-one years of STC though, Boomers.  More than three decades of crossbow bolts, exploding earrings, terrible egg puns and villains who still to this day exclaim “Nothing can move that fast!”

What’s going on in this issue then?  Well, to be honest I’m feeling a bit of Deja-vu here – you may have read some of these stories if you got your hands on a physical copy of the Sonic the Comic Con 2023 special issue – but things have been absolutely crazy at STC Towers and while the place is still buzzing away with ideas, a lot of things have been taking their toll on the Humes-Who-Think-They’re-In-Charge and productivity has suffered (Don’t worry, they’ve already lost chocolate biscuit privileges).

So first up, we have Sonic and Tails starring together in Named and Ashamed! Since the very early days of STC, Tails has been writing back to his family in the Nameless Zone and you may remember that not everything he relayed was quite accurate.  It’s a good job the Nameless Zone is a whole other dimension that Sonic knows nothing about, isn’t it! ……Uh-oh.

Next we see Tekno and Shorty pushed into a difficult position when the Ring of Eternity asks for them to return to Solstice in And Then There Was One.

The last time we looked in on those Streets of Rage, we left Blaze Fielding in a very worrying position.  Was she successful in defusing the last of the series of bombs planted around the city? Find out in Divide and Conquer: Part 3

Lastly, Doctor Kintobor features in his very first strip!  Now that the good Doc is back for good, there’s no point having two versions of the same guy cluttering up the place is there? See how he goes about making himself whole again in Tapping Out!

Now I guess there’s just time left to wish everyone all the best as this will be the last issue of Sonic the Comic Online Act 1.  Pretty much everyone involved with STC Online has had a very rough time these last few years.  It really means a lot to us all that you’re still here reading this silly little comic after so long and, truly, we’ll never be able to thank you enough for your support.  We’re going to be taking a bit of time to ourselves to rest and recouperate but never fear, we’ll be relaunching this whole thing soon with a renewed and regenerated energy for Act 2!

Now, speaking of regeneration…  Where did I put the number for my design guy…?

Catch you around, Boomers!



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Cover by Michael “Stiv” Stephenson
Michael “Stiv” Stephenson

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