#279 | 13 June 2021

Hey, Boomers! 

You ever have that sort of awkward situation where two of your friends have a birthday really close to one another and you don’t want the hassle of planning two parties? That’s the beauty of the joint party- which is exactly how we’ve approached this issue, smack-bang between STC‘s 28th birthday and Sonic’s 30th birthday! Can you believe it, Boomers? Three decades of Sonic the Hedgehog! Kids, eh? One minute, they’re a little 16-bit hoglet, the next they’re an internationally-renowned superstar of the silver screen, video games, and a couple of pretty cool comics- they grow up so fast!

This issue, we’ve got an astonishing five action packed tales for you! As you’ll have seen on our front cover, Sonic teams up with a red and black ally to take down Vermin in Shadow and Light. Elsewhere, the Chaotix Crew conclude The Search For Charmy Bee in part two of Ghosts and a sinister villain makes their STC debut in our new Sonic’s World Complete Story, Time Over. All this plus the second part of Streets of Rage story Divide and Conquer! Unfortunately, we’ve had to bump Tekno and Shorty to next issue as fame and fortune got to their head when they learned of their imminent return- their demands were bordering on diva-like! So, to make it up to you, we’ve got a surprise Decap Attack story instead in the form of Beard.

As well as the promised Tekno and Shorty story, next issue we’ve got an extra-length lead story starring Sonic as he finally hands out a measure of justice to an old foe, the concluding part of Divide and Conquer and- believe it or not- Doctor Kintobor is starring in his first ever story! You won’t want to miss STC #280, Boomers… trust me on that one.


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The Story So Far…

With Doctor Robotnik recently reverted back into Doctor Kintobor, a power vacuum has emerged on planet Mobius. Robotnik’s faithful- and entirely deranged- lieutenant Vermin the Cybernik has taken control of Robotnik’s Badnik forces, with the intention of somehow bringing back the despicable despot.

Vermin is not the master strategist Robotnik was, however, and his methods are much more brutal and underhanded- if you can believe it. Sonic finds himself on the trail of Vermin as he brings his own brand of lawlessness to the streets of Mobius…



Sonic’s life has been turned upside-down lately with enemies literally becoming friends- but that doesn’t mean he has to cosy up to some of them!

Chaotix Crew

Chaotix Crew

As the Chaotix Crew’s Search for Charmy Bee continues, they find themselves staring down the Scarlet Serpent- a foe who is at once familiar yet new…

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat

Rouge may not be villainous at heart, but her relationship with the law is strained at best. This means she’s willing to take on jobs that others would shy away from…

Wotcher, Boomers!  I’m sure you’re all happy that Charmy is safe and sound as of the end of this issue’s Chaotix story!  It’s good to have him back safe and sound- not to mention the whole Special Zone!  Mind you, it does mean the rest of the Chaotix Crew are back to arguing with him- ooh, my poor ears!

But while Charmy may irritate his friends, he’s still quite useful sometimes.  Even Sonic the Hedgehog wouldn’t be able to get by without the assistance of his pals- Charmy included!  As we’ll see today…

STC #121: Bee Prepared

Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Mick McMahon
Lettering: Ellie de’Ville
Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L. T. Fletcher
Added to Omni-Viewer’s Data Banks by Michael “Stiv” Stephenson

That scaly conman Max Gamble was holding a meeting in the Casino Night Zone- the Zone he has a stranglehold on- with a group of wealth investors from the Eldorado Zone (you remember, the Zone where the inhabitants have more money than sense!).  His robotic creation, Metal Mate, promised to revolutionise the construction industry.  The local builders weren’t so happy, however.  Gamble had created a machine that did the work of ten Mobians at a fraction of the cost!  Sonic, visiting the Zone, couldn’t help but watch, content in the knowledge that Gamble’s schemes usually fall apart…

Sure enough, the robot turned bonkers!  Something went wrong with Metal Mate’s programming- or, as it turned out, something went right!  Gamble had intended all along for the robot to go berserk, but only after he’d sold it for a profit!  Sonic leapt into action, finding time (as he often does at super speed) to admonish Gamble for trying to sell faulty goods- what a Knock-off Norbert.

Sonic found himself being stopped in his tracks by the arrival of Charmy Bee!  Charmy had arrived in the Casino Night Zone from the Special Zone by way of one of Vector’s experiments.  You and I know it now as the Omni-Door, which allowed Sonic to travel two and from the Special Zone at will (which he never used because he hates the Special Zone).  At the time, however, Vector was rather hoping to send Charmy across the galaxy for an afternoon’s peace and quiet- the Mobian location was pure coincidence.

At any rate, Charmy provided an adequate distraction that allowed Sonic to shatter Metal Mate into thousands of tiny pieces with his trademark speed!  However, the threat wasn’t over just yet- Gamble noticed the plutonium power core that powered the robot was about to detonate.  Rumours that he ripped off the plutonium from a group of angry men in a van remain unsubstantiated.

Sonic can do many things, but he can’t fly- which means it’s lucky Charmy was on hand after all!  The young Chaotix Crew member hurled Metal Mate’s head into the sky where it blew up in spectacular fashion!  The threat was over and the day was saved thanks to Charmy!

There was just one loose end remaining- Max Gamble!  Charmy offered to help Sonic find him in his usual chatty, yappy fashion.  Sonic asked Charmy why he talked the way he did.  Charmy responded that he felt it was his “cutey-duty as a buzzy bee”.  That was more than Gamble could take as he leapt from his hiding place, begging to be arrested just to be away from Charmy.  Charmy noted that sometimes being a pain in the backside has its advantages!


So that’s that, Boomers- Metal Mate would have no chance to pave over the hopes and dreams of the Casino Night Zone’s builders!  It seems Charmy does have a sting in his tail after all!

You know, Boomers, sometimes travelling through time lets me see some things I maybe ought not to… like reading ahead on issues of Sonic the Comic.  Next issue’s going to be a doozy.  And I’ve got just the Flashback Zone for the occasion…

See you next Space-Time!

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Cover by Jay Horner
Michael “Stiv” Stephenson
Script Editor: Stuart Gipp

Special thanks this issue to:
L. T. Fletcher, Pete Murphy, Claire Ryan, Seumidh MacDonald, Stuart Gipp, Jesseth, CosmicSynthetics, Keiran Holmes, Matthew Smith

Party Planner:

In memory of Matt Dittmer
Though you’re no longer with us, your contributions live on- hope we did you proud!

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