#279 |  June 2021

Hey, Boomers! 

You ever have that sort of awkward situation where two of your friends have a birthday really close to one another and you don’t want the hassle of planning two parties? That’s the beauty of the joint party- which is exactly how we’ve approached this issue, smack-bang between STC‘s 28th birthday and Sonic’s 30th birthday! Can you believe it, Boomers? Three decades of Sonic the Hedgehog! Kids, eh? One minute, they’re a little 16-bit hoglet, the next they’re an internationally-renowned superstar of the silver screen, video games, and a couple of pretty cool comics- they grow up so fast!

This issue, we’ve got an astonishing five action packed tales for you! As you’ll have seen on our front cover, Sonic teams up with a red and black ally to take down Vermin in Shadow and Light. Elsewhere, the Chaotix Crew conclude The Search For Charmy Bee in part two of Ghosts and a sinister villain makes their STC debut in our new Sonic’s World Complete Story, Time Over. All this plus the second part of Streets of Rage story Divide and Conquer! Unfortunately, we’ve had to bump Tekno and Shorty to next issue as fame and fortune got to their head when they learned of their imminent return- their demands were bordering on diva-like! So, to make it up to you, we’ve got a surprise Decap Attack story instead in the form of Beard.

As well as the promised Tekno and Shorty story, next issue we’ve got an extra-length lead story starring Sonic as he finally hands out a measure of justice to an old foe, the concluding part of Divide and Conquer and- believe it or not- Doctor Kintobor is starring in his first ever story! You won’t want to miss STC #280, Boomers… trust me on that one.


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The Story So Far…

With Doctor Robotnik recently reverted back into Doctor Kintobor, a power vacuum has emerged on planet Mobius. Robotnik’s faithful- and entirely deranged- lieutenant Vermin the Cybernik has taken control of Robotnik’s Badnik forces, with the intention of somehow bringing back the despicable despot.

Vermin is not the master strategist Robotnik was, however, and his methods are much more brutal and underhanded- if you can believe it. Sonic finds himself on the trail of Vermin as he brings his own brand of lawlessness to the streets of Mobius…

What did you think?

Cover by Jay Horner
Michael “Stiv” Stephenson
Script Editor: Stuart Gipp

Special thanks this issue to:
L. T. Fletcher, Pete Murphy, Claire Ryan, Seumidh MacDonald, Stuart Gipp, Jesseth, CosmicSynthetics, Keiran Holmes, Matthew Smith

Party Planner:

In memory of Matt Dittmer
Though you’re no longer with us, your contributions live on- hope we did you proud!

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Other characters belong to their creators. Used without permission. Published by the Sonic the Comic online team. This comic is only available on the internet.

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