#278 | 22 September 2020

Hey, Boomers! 

Been anywhere exciting lately? Yes, I know, I know. It’s a wacky old world, isn’t it? But, fortunately for you all, Sonic the Comic is here to occupy your minds with all the latest comic strip action! And you’ve got your choice of front cover as well with art by all manner of Humes including Pete Murphy (Cover A – Knuckles), Matthew Smith (Cover B – Decap Attack) and Stuart Gipp (Cover C – Alex Kidd). There’s even a special fourth cover that we’ve put together with our friends from Archie Sonic Online! But it tells only one half of the story- you’ll have to check out their issue #250 to see their side- and you can download the full-sized image from the Pin-Up section below!

It’s an action-packed one for you this time, with Sonic teaming up with Amy in the lead strip, Confidence Trick. The Chaotix Crew’s adventures continue as they arrive on the Technosphere in the first part of the final chapter of The Search for Charmy Bee, spookily entitled Ghosts. Elsewhere, Knuckles hunts down Doctor Zachary and hopes not to be sent back to Square One. As if that wasn’t enough, we have three Sega-sational Sega Superstars strips for you too! Decap Attack returns as Chuck and Igor get into a Prank War and the Streets of Rage gang find themselves struggling in the first part of a new story, Divide and Conquer. Lastly, as a long-overdue bonus that many of you have been crying out for since 1993, Alex Kidd finally makes his STC debut in Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

Next issue, things get really exciting with the return of Tekno and Shortfuse, plus an appearance from a certain angry hedgehog- see the Next Issue section for more! And did I mention there’ll be a surprise face making their debut in issue #279? Stay tuned, Boomers- it’s going to be a good one!


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The Story So Far…

With Doctor Robotnik recently reverted back into Doctor Kintobor, a power vacuum has emerged on planet Mobius. Robotnik’s faithful- and entirely deranged- lieutenant Vermin the Cybernik has taken control of Robotnik’s Badnik forces, with the intention of somehow bringing back the despicable despot.

With the crazed rat running Robotnik’s racket, it’s a free-for-all as Sonic’s old enemies now feel similarly emboldened to seize power in whatever way they can. Not all of them have faith Robotnik will return- and not all of them want it either, with some villainous sorts being all too happy to fill the void themselves…



Despite his oldest and greatest enemy no longer being an ongoing concern in Sonic’s life, the heroic hedgehog can’t afford to put his feet up just yet as he finds himself in battle against some old enemies…

Chaotix Crew

Chaotix Crew

On the Search for Charmy Bee, the Chaotix Crew find themselves following directions from the Tweet Titans. Now they arrive at the Technosphere, where things are really about to get weird.



The stoic Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds finds himself hunting down his long-time nemesis Doctor Zachary. But Knuckles would do well to remember that Zachary always thinks ahead…

See the rest of the Data Zone! (click here)

Amy Rose

When Sonic was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Amy seemed to take the apparent betrayal the hardest of all of Sonic’s friends, owing to certain memories she can’t be rid of…


Tikal comes from the ancient past and is one of few remaining connections to the missing echidna race. However, Tikal retains no memories of her former life, leaving Knuckles in the dark as ever. As the last of their kind, Tikal and Knuckles try to unravel the mystery of their people together.

Porker Lewis

Porker is a brainbox who can crack any code. His skill with machines means he has an easy time getting to grips with otherwise impenetrable ancient echidna technology, making him an invaluable friend to Knuckles.

Metallix Army

Originally created by Doctor Robotnik, this legion of unfinished super-Badniks created in Knuckles’ image aren’t as strong as the original Metallix Mk. III design but they make up for that in numbers!

Knuckles!  There’s a name to strike awe into the heart of many a Mobian!

How’s that for a dramatic intro, Boomers?  Yes, Knuckles made his return to STC’s pages this issue- and so did that slimeball Doctor Zachary!  Of course, not every foe of the redical rad one (did I get that right?) is quite as clever as Zachary.  But, then, sometimes the stupid enemies are the most dangerous- they never know when to quit!  Let’s revisit a classic to see just what I mean…










STC #83-84: Troubled Waters

Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Nigel Dobbyn
Lettering: Elitta Fell
Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L. T. Fletcher
Added to Omni-Viewer’s Data Banks by Michael “Stiv” Stephenson

Having almost broken his back rowing across the Mobian Channel for two days, Knuckles was at his limit.  Dragging a heavy chest full of documents about the Floating Island across Mobius was tricky enough without having to bring physical labour into things too!  And the boat he’d been given by Captain Plunder (remember that dodgy old pirate?) was a heavy old piece of junk too.  Knuckles couldn’t imagine how things could be much worse…    





…of course, a giant robot attack usually does the trick.  Knuckles was no stranger to Badnik attacks, but one never quite adjusts to being attacked eight-on-one!  







Even scaling one of the nearby stone pillars didn’t help Knuckles any as the tentacles smashed them clean down with no effort whatsoever!  Knuckles really was in trouble and almost ended up drowning after a fall into the water below.







Gasping for breath, Knuckles had to have wondered if drowning would have been preferable to what he now saw!  The nefarious crab, Captain Claw, piloting a gigantic robotic octopus!  This was no Badnik after all- though Claw clearly had respect for Robotnik and intended to capture Knuckles for Robotnik’s reward (which he noted was less than the reward offered for Sonic but Knuckles, being polite, didn’t get cross about that).  








Claw actually wanted Knuckles to put up a fight to put his Octonaught to the test.  Knuckles happily obliged, attempting to punch a hole in the ship’s hull with his namesakes- alas, Claw employed an electric defence, zapping Knuckles (and posing a number of questions about the laws of physics, but that’s another tale for another time).










Again scaling the stone pillars, Knuckles found Claw wouldn’t give him even a moment’s rest as Knuckles was forced to leap from pillar to pillar to save himself the Octonaught’s assault as it smashed the rocks with brute force!  The talkative Claw found time to berate Knuckles all the while as well, the cheeky so-and-so.  Still, you remember what they say about pride coming before a fall…









Or, more specifically, a rock fall!  Claw had battered every stone pillar to bits and while Knuckles had run out of places to go, Claw had run out of places to move- the last pillar fell and crushed his Octonaught!








Rescuing the chest of documents, Knuckles decided to take Claw prisoner and force him to row them both across the Channel.  For someone so previously full of bravado, Claw was certainly crabby about the whole situation…






I’ll leave you with that image of Claw rowing while he and Knuckles are rowing- ah, wordplay, the old classic.

Of course, sometimes it’s not the villains who are daft- just occasionally, it’s the heroes- as we’ll cover next issue!


See you next Space-Time!

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Cover A by Pete Murphy
Cover B by Matthew Smith
Cover C by Stuart Gipp
Cover D by Adamis, Claire Ryan, Pete Murphy, Drawloverlala, Gilgalad, Marek
Michael “Stiv” Stephenson
Script Editor: Stuart Gipp
Stiv wouldn’t leave me alone until I credited myself as Assistant Editor despite raising obvious issues of bias: L. T. Fletcher

Special thanks this issue to:
Stuart Gipp, Leeann Hamilton, Seumidh MacDonald, Hannahdouken, L. T. Fletcher, Keiran Holmes, Matthew Smith, Claire “Mambocat” Ryan

Winner of Office Chair Rally 2020:

In memory of Matt Dittmer
Though you’re no longer with us, your contributions live on- hope we did you proud!

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