#227 | Nov 2003

Hey Boomers! 

Surprise! How do you like my scary new Hallowe’en costume? Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my usual handsome self next issue! Luckily, you too can join the fun and scare your friends with your free Evil Megadroid mask! Just print it out on card or thick paper, cut around the dotted lines and attach some string.

Before you go off to scare your mates, there’s more great news for long-time readers. Long-time STC artist Nigel Dobbyn has launched his website! Of particular interest is his dark and thrilling new comic strip “Magpie”, created with STC scribe Nigel Kitching. But be warned – some of the content is not for younger Boomers or the faint of heart!

Let’s talk about new stories. This time there are two terrifying tales for you. In R.B.R., Sonic runs into a ghost town that’s still under Robotnik’s rule. Meanwhile in the conclusion to Impressions, Amy is on the run from her old pal Johnny Lightfoot – who’s dead!

And don’t expect the action to let up next issue either, as STC celebrates Christmas in style with two all-new stories – and the long-awaited return of Knuckles and Robotnik! See you then!


Our new website is currently in beta so there might be a few bugs and unfinished design features! If you find any bugs, or have any feedback on the new site, please contact us using Speedlines.

Thank you! 😎 ~Michael


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The Story So Far…

For years, the evil Doctor Robotnik ruled Planet Mobius. With his Troopers and robot slaves, he terrorised the population. Eventually, Sonic and the gang defeated Robotnik and freed the planet.



Sonic is the super-fast hero of Mobius, and leads a gang of freedom fighters. He is totally committed to keeping Planet Mobius and its people safe.



Tails is an optimistic young fox who uses his two tails to fly for short periods. He idolises Sonic but has also become a respected hero in his own right – if only Sonic would notice!

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik

A laboratory accident long ago turned the kindly Professor Kintobor into the evil Doctor Robotnik! Once the evil dictator of Planet Mobius, Robotnik more recently went mad and plotted to destroy the world. He is now in an asylum.

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When his people left for the stars, Knuckles was left as the sole guardian of the Chaos Emeralds – a power source that in the wrong hands could be used to rule the world. These emeralds kept the Floating Island in the sky – until Chaos stole them, that is!

Porker Lewis

Porker Lewis

Although he was once the technological whiz of Sonic’s gang, Porker lost his nerve after being held hostage on an alien planet for a month.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Although Amy first met Sonic when she was claiming to be Sonic’s girlfriend, she has since proved a hero in her own right with her trusty crossbow. She has a wicked sense of humour and loves winding Sonic up!

Johnny Lightfoot

Johnny Lightfoot

An even-tempered rabbit and loyal freedom fighter, Johnny died recently fighting the terrifying Chaos creature. Now he seems to have returned from the dead to attack Amy…

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STC #228

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Editor-in-Chief: Michael Corker
Cover by: Michael Corker

Special thanks this issue to:
Ed Reynolds, Rich Morgan, Richard Elson, David Bulmer, Michael Corker, and the rest of the STC team!

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