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#270 July 2016


Control Zone

Hey Boomers!

Twenty five years ago, a gobby blue hedgehog made his first appearance on the Mega Drive. The gaming world has changed several times since then and so has the wider world - I'd make a John Major joke but young people would just stare at me and call me old and prod me cruelly - but Sonic shows no signs of going anywhere. Take that, Mario! Lego Dimensions loves us more!

And if you're a Sonic fan in the UK, you might be one of the lucky beggars going to the Summer of Sonic in London, August 6th. Fans have put together another incarnation of Britain's one and only Sonic the Con, and have guests from all walks of Sonic life - including voice actor Mike "Dr Egmman" Pollock!

Some of the humes will be there too so be sure to check out the Sonic the Comic table to make sure they're working on upcoming issues and also to sign up for the extra special competition - trust me, it's a doozy! See you there!

But back to the big events that are afoot this issue! Our big triumphant march to STC #275 is underway but will everyone make it there? Ebony the witch is on trial and Blaze the Cat under lock and flame by the Order of Magick - will Sonic spring 'em? Will the Chaotix fall to Robotnik after Shadow betrayed them in Betrayal? Will Silver fade away from the timeline in The Strange Case of Silver the Hedgehog? Will Amy Rose and GUN go down swinging in End of the Miracle Planet?

Maybe even Night of the Livid Pet could get perilous, because those Chao have to eat something! Never expect STC-O to be a complacent read, chums!

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As Mobius struggles for freedom against the might of Robotnik and the Drakon Empire, Sonic's whereabouts remain unknown! The blue blur may be missing since Super Sonic's recent defeat, but the other Freedom Fighters are still protecting the planet on all fronts!
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One of our hedgehogs is missing! After Sonic's friends managed to stop his angry alter ego Super Sonic from destroying the world, both of them vanished! But just where did the heroic hedgehog end up?
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Misguided moggy Ebony the cat became obsessed with using her mystic powers to reunite with an old friend from years ago... Super Sonic! She was taken into custody by the Order of Magic after her plan to once again separate Sonic from his other half failed...
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The Order of Magick

A secretive society that governs magic itself! These powerful mystics finally caught up with Ebony and charged her with misusing her supernatural talents... and then there's the question of the mysterious Blaze...
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Fiery feline Blaze the Cat is on a quest to stop something called "the burning" and had tracked down the Order of Magic, hoping for some answers about just what it is. Instead, they've thrown her in a cell until they can decide what to do with the powerful pussycat!
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Once merely the 'pixel-brained' sidekick of Sonic, high flyer Tails has now stepped up to be the prime hero of Mobius! He may have some pretty big sneakers to fill, but with Amy and his other friends by his side, this twin tailed fox knows he can handle the challenge!
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These curious creatures have the ability to absorb the properties of almost anything they touch! Two shady crooks tried to sell some of them as pets, but the cute critters used their skills to escape and have made a break for freedom... Right into a bunch of old badniks on display in the next door museum! Now, things are about to get spikey...
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Silver the Hedgehog travelled back from his own "bad future" to help the current Freedom Fighters save the planet. However, now that the timeline has changed, it seems Silver's very existence is being erased! Has the hedgehog of tomorrow had his time?
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Brains & Brawn

Mad scientist Brains and bulky accomplice Brawn are a dastardly duo of criminals that Silver thwarted in an earlier scheme. However, with no telekinetic hedgehogs to bother them from now on, surely nothing can stop them from striking again?
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The Chaotix Crew

Vector, Mighty, Charmy, Espio and the Omni-Viewer are the Chaotix crew! On a mission with Shadow to attack Robotnik's computer systems from inside cyberspace itself, the team were ambushed by the Egg Bastion's security programs - it seems Shadow has betrayed them!
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Shadow the Hedgehog

A living computer program created to defend cyberspace. Having received a tempting offer from Robotnik to leave his digital domain, it looks like Shadow has accepted a deal with the doctor...
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Doctor Robotnik

Kindly scientist Dr Kintobor was transformed in a lab accident to become the evil Robotnik! Now his mind is connected to cyberspace by a supercomputer at his Egg Bastion fortress, it seems the crazy genius has offered Shadow a robot body in exchange for his loyalty...
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Amy Rose

Bodacious butt kicker Amy often works with the troops of G.U.N, helping to protect the Miracle Planet from Robotnik's attacks whenever it appears over the skies of Mobius, and she will defend the kids evacuated there to escape the war until the very end!
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A global military force uniting zones in co-ordinated response to the war with Robotnik! Sergeant Tin leads the mission to protect the Little Planet and so far they've managed to hold this key position... But just how long can their defences hold?

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Flashback Zone

Omni-Viewer: Happy

How do, Boomers! Is it that time again? Well, I mean, when you’re an omnipotent window through all of history, it’s always that time, this time, the other time and… well, you get the idea.

This issue, we’re going to have a look at one of the many adventures of Amy and her best gal pal Tekno the Canary! These two girls use a great combination of brains and brawn to defeat any foe that stands in their way! Chosen by the amazing Ring of Eternity (and more on the Ring in the future, I should very much think!) to travel all throughout the universe righting wrongs, the two Mobians were a formidable double-act, using their strong moral compasses to—look, I’m rambling, allow me to get on with it. Let’s begin in space!

Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Roberto Corona & Nigel Dobbyn
Lettering: Elitta Fell
Flashback Zone Report Filed by L. T. Fletcher
Added to Omni Viewer's Data Banks by Michael Corker

Flashback Zone

Space: The Final Frontier. Also, the first, fourth and ninth. Amy and Tekno had just gotten through dealing with old enemy Colonel Granite (oh, he’s a right pain in the whatsits, I’ll tell you about him some other time!) but their interstellar travel felt a little off this time. Instead of “fading in” to their next destination, the two were spat out through the Ring of Eternity itself- since Amy and Tekno had only seen the physical embodiment of the ring on Planet Mobius, they reasoned they must be back home… but something was a little off.

Flashback Zone

For one thing, when last they left Mobius didn’t have dinosaurs in spacesuits wandering around! One of the dinos, the Professor, reported back to his Commander that the planet was ready for their mission. Amy and Tekno weren’t having any of that- um, whatever that was, anyway. Seeing Mobius had been invaded, they leapt into action!

Flashback Zone

The duo managed to surprise the alien-dinosaur-scientist-soldiers (complex, innit?) with a fierce attack! The Commander seemed shocked and the Professor remarked that there should be no intelligent life on Mobius! Amy and Tekno were taken aback- these dinos had wiped out the entire planet in their absence!

Flashback Zone

Amy and Tekno couldn’t help but notice the dinosaurs weren’t especially aggressive for planetary invaders, preferring to deflect their attacks with shields rather than fight back. At this point, Tekno noticed something awfully unusual- according to one of her many scanners, the pair were millions of years in the past! The Commander explained- it was he and his group that had, in fact, created the Ring of Eternity! They then used it to travel across the cosmos, creating the Spark of Evolution on suitable planets.

Flashback Zone

The heroes watched in awe as the Commander gave them the proof they needed- bestowing the Spark of Evolution on a small pool of almost insignificant lifeforms, they set in motion the catalyst for planetary evolution. So, in other words, they’re ultimately responsible for the heroes of Mobius. And they didn’t even ask for a thank you!

The Ring of Eternity showed its face and told the duo that they had been shown the beginning of intelligent life on Mobius as a reward for all the good they had done. Amy initially seemed a little upset with the revelation. She had always believed in a higher power. However, as she and Tekno faded out to their next adventure, the Commander pointed out to her with a smile that he had never told them who they were working for.

Omni-Viewer: Thrilled

Ah, I love a good origin story! And you can’t get much more origin-y than the origin of an entire planet, can you?

Well, you lot, before I check in on you again, I think I’ll go and see what the Ring is up to… I haven’t heard from them in a while. Which usually means it’s been blown up yet again. Some people are so flipping clumsy.

See you next Space-Time!

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STC #271: Autumn 2016

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Editor-in-Chief: Michael Corker

Cover by: Michael "Stiv" Stephenson

Special thanks this issue to: Clare "MamboCat" Ryan, Charles Ellis, Chris Gould, Jean-François "Adamis" Thébé, L.T. Fletcher, Mark "Sonicmark" Hughes, Matt Dittmer, Michael Corker, Michael "Stiv" Stephenson, The KKM, Tom Campbell, Pete Murphy, Reggie "Ziggyfin" Graham, Seumidh MacDonald, and the rest of the STC team!

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