Megadroid Mk III

Hey Boomers!

It’s that time of year again – food, family, peace and goodwill to all, crackers with cheap bits of tat in them… Christmas bears down upon us again! And with comes a new STC-O Special, and you’ll find no cheap tat here!

First off, we have a brand new 7-page Sonic story: with his name being slandered, the public being turned against him and sinister villains lurking in the shadows, Sonic’s been having a hard time of it. Will it be any different on The Night Before Christmas?

We also celebrate the historic team-up between Mario and Sonic in their Olympic game with both a Review and an exclusive feature. As well as that, we have posters by the stocking-load and a new batch of free Christmas cards!

Next year is an important year for us – the 29th of May will be the fifteenth such date since the release of STC #1 waaaaay back in 1993! (Don’t you feel old now, eh boomers?) Will STC-O mark this special year in some way? I do believe we will! And what’s that on the horizon? Looks to me like a major new Sonic multi-parter beginning very soon…

And there's a few extra prezzies for fans of legendary humes Richard Elson and Lew Stringer. Elson and Dan Abnett's strip Kingdom is back in 2000AD, starting in the end-of-year Prog 2008 (still available in shops and also to download at; though younger Boomers should remember the comic contains scenes of violence and language. Stringer has stories in no less than three Christmas issues - Toxic!, the Beano and Viz - still on sale, with a back-up strip teaming Brickman and Combat Colin in Image Comic's Elephantmen: War Toys (younger Boomers beware there too!).
Editors - Charles Ellis & Mike Corker
Designer - Mike Corker