Hey, Boomers!

It’s Father Christmas, the other jolly fat man is fast approaching, and the Humes are smuggling Christmas crackers into the offices again! If I hear one more of those cracker jokes, I may cry.

However, while STC-O is still gearing up for its triumphant return in 2007, let it not be said that we let our Boomers go unrewarded for their patience! Have a look at our Christmas presents to you…

First off, there’s a complete 7-page adventure for Sonic and Tails, as they carry out their annual Christmas tradition of getting into trouble and hitting things in Guardian of the Ice Palace! That’s not all: we’ve also got a bundle of posters for you. And if that wasn’t enough, have another look behind the scenes as we show you some of the original plans and pitches for STC-O that never made it!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out in Feburary – the new year will mean the debut of a new STC-O, as the hiatus ends and we come out swinging!

And Richard Elson has a pressie for you all – starting from this month’s Prog 2007 of 2000AD, he’s on art duties for the new and very strange strip Kingdom! For mature Boomers only!

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