Hey, Boomers!

It’s all gone quiet ever since the big office Crimbo bash finished. The Humes-who-think-they’re-in-charge have all fallen, bellies bloated with cheap pies and sherry- not to mention turnips for the reindeer. That’s the last time I leave out food for Father Christmas when the Humes are around! They can’t have been that hungry, surely, they never even touched all that spam I ordered in for the party…

Well, despite the best-laid plans of mice and Megadroids, #238 is going to be delayed for a short while. Drawing Super Sonic and Shadow is tricky business- if they don’t like the way they’ve been portrayed, they make it very clear. But leaving our boomers to the mercies of the horrible post-Christmas pre-New Year TV, when there’s nothing but repeats of the same films they repeated last year and indeed every year since the Zeppelin raids? That’s not how we do things at STC-O, so we’re bringing you a special bundle of features to keep you going!

Like Sonic games? Of course you do! And so do we, which is why we’re bringing you three reviews in the Review Zone as well as a preview on the mysterious upcoming next-gen Sonic game! You want more? How about some special behind-the-scenes sketches and prototype scripts, never before seen outside of STC-O’s dingy filing system? More? How about some special Sonic comic strips? More? OK, how about a whole cascade of posters for you to download and use as your desktop? You want more? Get out of it! You’re greedier than those wages-wanting Boomers!

Have a Happy Holidays and a cool New Year, Boomers!

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