The Story So Far

Knuckles and Tikal were born over eight thousand years ago. While Tikal was torn from her world and freed from imprisonment in the present day, not even Knuckles knows why he lives in the present day – or anything about his past…

When the evil Doctor Zachary created his Syndicate, he freed a being called Vichama from an echidna prison: a spectral entity inhabiting an echidna’s corpse. At the same time, Tikal had a vision of a swarm of echidna ghosts, all awaiting the return of the Death Lord that slaughtered them.

More premonitions followed, all warning of a being called Vichama: a being that ancient echidna texts identified as the God of Death. And the premonitions warned that Vichama was coming home…

Sonic Knuckles is the sole guardian of the Floating Island and its mysterious Chaos Emeralds. He was alive in the ancient past but he remembers nothing of it; vast swathes of his memories are missing.
Tikal Tikal was the daughter of their wartime leader Pochacamac. Her memories of the past had to be repressed by a magic spell to stop her going mad. A seer, she is plagued by premonitions of Vichama’s return.
Vichama Heralded as the God of Death, he is a malignant spectre of unknown origin or motive. On the Floating Island, where his temple used to stand, ghosts warn that he is coming home…