Hey Boomers!

It’s time to stop running in corridors, tuck your shirts in, and stop chewing gum unless you brought enough for everyone: the holidays are long over, and the new school year has started! So sit down and pay attention as we bring you some class-y strips and features!

In PE today, we’re teaching you the finer points of competitive airboarding, in a flashback Sonic story pitting our hero against the Babylon Rogues in a vicious Road Race! In Art, we’ve got the usual barrage of posters, and after the break, it’s off to English class as you lot analyse the comic in Speedlines!

And feel free to revise for the upcoming #250 with our Back Issues section and our special video trailer of the issue!


Your homework is to check out Richard Elson’s latest works – Kingdom: Call of the Wild is running in 2000 AD, while Marvel Zombies Return #4 (out this week) features him drawing a zombie Hulk. For extra credit Lew Stringer’s comedy strip Brickman continues in Image’s Elephantmen! Be warned, all three titles feature scenes unsuitable for younger Boomers!
Principals - Mr Ellis & Mr Corker