Hey Boomers!

The nights are getting longer, the cold is setting in, and a horde of ravenous horrors are laying siege to our homes – it’s Halloween and the trick-or-treaters are out once more! Even Sega’s getting in on the horror, with the new Sonic Unleashed game featuring our hero turning into a “werehog”!

But isn’t the first time Sega’s brought out hair-raising products. The games may be years old now, but they’re climbing out of their graves this issue – it’s the return of fan-favourite STC strip Decap Attack, and the debut of House of the Dead!

And that’s not our only treat for you, Boomers: have some posters and a retro Review Zone of the original Decap Game! But the real treat is coming soon, when #248 comes storming out with a Sonic/Metallix showdown!


Editors - Charles Ellis & Mike Corker
Designer - Mike Corker

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