The Story So Far The evil Doctor Robotnik tried to conquer Mobius and Sonic stopped him. Robotnik would eventually win and hold Mobius for years, only to fall thanks to Sonic, his Freedom Fighters and their allies. Mobius has been free for years but Sonic and his gang continue to defend it from the hundreds of threats against it!
Sonic Sonic is the super-fast hero of Mobius, and leads a gang of freedom fighters. While arrogant and dominating, he is still totally committed to keeping Planet Mobius and its people safe. He’s been a resistance leader, a crime fighter, an adventurer on alien worlds, and currently a demonised figure in the Mobian press. The complexities of the free Mobius often leave him confused and irritated. But he continues to fight, and he’ll never give up…
Tails Tails is an optimistic young fox who uses his two tails to fly for short periods. He came from the mystical Nameless Zone to seek his fortune, swiftly becoming Sonic’s sidekick and idolising the hedgehog. To his mortification, the Nameless Zone and Chemical Plant Zone chose him as their champion, believing him to be a more competent hero. He’s since grown from an eager-to-please kid getting into dangerous situations to a respected hero in his own right - if only Sonic would notice!
Amy Rose Although Amy first met Sonic when she was claiming to be Sonic's girlfriend, she has since proved a hero in her own right with her trusty crossbow. She has a wicked sense of humour and loves winding Sonic up! In Sonic’s absence, she commands the freedom fighters and acts as that group’s heart. She’s adventured across time & space as the Eternity Ring’s champion alongside her close friend Tekno.
Johnny Lightfoot An even-tempered rabbit and one of Sonic’s oldest friends, he joined the Freedom Fighters and fought evil for years with his trusty quarterstaff. With a less forceful personality than his comrades, he stuck with supporting the group – though he did briefly think about having his own solo adventures like the others. He stood ready at every crisis, until he died in battle against Chaos.
Porker Lewis Born Oscar the Pig, he fled his home in the Special Zone to escape a crimelord and became one of Sonic’s oldest acquaintances (and the first person Sonic freed from a Badnik!). Although he was once the technological whiz of Sonic's gang, Porker lost his nerve after being held hostage on an alien planet for a month and left active duty to live on the Floating Island. He researches the ancient echidna technology there, but will sometimes help the heroes out in times of crisis.
Dr. Ovi Kintobor Kintobor was the kindly genius who was transformed into Robotnik – but a copy of his mind was recorded onto a Power Ring, and that became the core of the sophisticated artificial intelligence known as the Kintobor Computer! A genial figure, he scans Mobius for threats and supports the Freedom Fighters in their missions.
Knuckles Knuckles is the sole guardian of the Floating Island and its mysterious Chaos Emeralds, and has waited for years for his lost people to return from the stars. While a strong, honourable hero, his lack of social skills have meant he’s been repeatedly conned and manipulated by villains! He used to have a vicious rivalry with Sonic – who he could not stand – but years of working together have made them more friendly. He was alive 8000 years in the future – and was recently murdered, only to return from the dead via a “Guardian Emerald”…
Tikal An echidna seer from the ancient past, she met a time-travelling Sonic and helped him against the terrifying Chaos creature. Her spirit was trapped within the beast when it was imprisoned, and she spent 8000 years in torment - her memories were repressed by magic to stop her going mad, and she does not remember much of her past. While shy and reserved most of the time, she has hidden reserves of strength and will stand against evil.
The Chaotix Crew Technology wizard Vector the Crocodile, super-strong Mighty, sneaky Espio the Chameleon and barmy Charmy Bee are Chaotix, the Guardians of the bizarre and chaotic Special Zone. They worked alonside the inter-dimensional sentient computer known as the Omni Viewer, an old friend of Sonic’s. While the Chaotix frequently create disasters, get on Sonic’s nerves, and are barely functional as a team, they never rest in the fight against evil. With the Special Zone destroyed, they’re stranded on Mobius and are trying to bring the Zone back.
Morain Blackthorn Morain is a young and over-enthusiastic warrior from the Nameless Zone, and sister of the noble champion Errol Blackthorn. With her fierce attitude and razor sharp sword, she has helped both Knuckles and Tails in their adventures against the Goblin hordes. With the Zone currently under the political influence of the Goblins, she’s the zealot leader of a rebel group – and at odds with both Errol and Tails!
Captain Plunder An opportunistic, money-focused brigand, he was a feared Sky Pirate working out of the Mystic Cave Zone, and briefly had a partnership with the freedom fighters that saw him battle & loot Robotnik’s warships. However, repeated misfortune have crippled his reputation and standing among the pirates – and then he suffered a bad luck curse! His long-suffering crew includes genial poltergeist Filch and the reality-warping nutter Simpson.
Ebony A reckless cat with magical powers, she runs a coffee bar called the Groovy Train. She will stand up for any cause she believes is just, but she will often leap in head first and get herself into danger or alienate her allies. She became firm friends with Super Sonic during his time as a pacifist, and aided and protected him – including helping him recharge on chaos energy, which turned him evil again! She still believes she can bring her friend back…
Shorty Shorty is a hot-headed squirrel who was trapped in the armour of a Super-Badnik by Robotnik. With his stubborn personality, he was able to rebel and became the heroic rebel Shortfuse the Cybernik! He worked alongside Tekno, Sonic and the freedom fighters often, though his temper got him into trouble often. He was eventually freed from his old armour and had a new removable one built: being a hero and fighting evil is all he knows how to do. He’s now trapped on an alien world without his armour.
Tekno Tekno is an upbeat scientific genius from the Emerald Hill Zone. Originally forced to make weapons for Robotnik, she was liberated by Shortfuse and became one of his main allies & Mobius’s premier heroes. Her gadgets have saved the day on many occasions and she has an invention for any situation! She has had many adventures in time and space as a champion of the Eternity Ring, alongside Amy Rose whom she is extremely close to. Currently she is trapped with Shorty on an alien world, and is unable to cope without her technology to help her.
Norris Wimple The biggest nerd on Mobius, Norris has an odd knack of wandering into dangerous situations involving Sonic and his friends. He can be seen at the sight of Badnik attacks, patiently noting down their serial numbers. While mainly a nuisance, he did once help Sonic against a villain by using his formidable knowledge of STC trivia…
Fabian Vane Driven by ego and a lust for fame, Fabian Vane is the worst singer in the entire universe – so bad, a group of Mobians tried to have him sent to an alien world! He was a major star once but his fifteen minutes ended at the same time he lost his fortune to mounting debts. He keeps trying to regain his stardom in stunts that often bring him into contact (and conflict) with Amy and Tekno!
The Eternity Ring A sentient dimension warp created by a magic/technology blend, the Eternity Ring is the gateway to all other times and worlds. It was created to spread life throughout the universe; for a time, it used Amy and Tekno as agents to fight wrongs throughout time & space. The sentience behind it has vanished since, leaving the Ring itself behind to help Sonic and his gang in their battles. It was recently lost…
The Flock A hardened band of rebels, they fought to liberate the Chemical Plant Zone – built by Robotnik on their old home – from the tyranny of Robotnik and his minion Nutzan Bolt. Heavily armed and outfitted with cyberpunk tech, they met and helped Tails on two occasions, believing him to be a mighty Zonerunner. They’re led by stoic soldier Sab; her lover Sol Furic was once seduced to Robotnik’s side but rejoined the good fight.
Big A good natured and dim-witted cat, Big lives a lazy and content existence wandering the planet in search of food. This often gets him into odd situations: he’s come into ownership of the former Chaos creature, got trapped on the Floating Island during a Syndicate plot, and ran afoul of the Family crime syndicate! He currently runs the restaurant Buddy’s Bistro and works as head chef, on behalf of the Family (who made him an offer he daren’t refuse…).
Police Chief Bodger Head of the Metropolis Zone Police, Bodger is Mobius' finest… on paper. He's a well-meaning but bumbling figure, rarely seen without his trusty donuts, and is often seen leading the police response during the Zone’s multiple supervillain attacks!
Dr. Robotnik A laboratory accident long ago turned the kindly Professor Kintobor into the evil Doctor Robotnik! After a few defeated attempts, he finally took over Mobius and ruled it with an iron fist for years; he turned thousands into Badniks, polluted the environment for fun, and repeatedly attacked Zones he ruled just to show he could. Sonic brought about his defeat, and for years Robotnik tried to regain power, often by allying himself with other villains (and then betraying them) – but the constant defeats drove him insane, causing him to try and kill Mobius. When even that failed, he was left mute and irreparably insane. The Doctor’s current whereabouts are unknown- but the mere memory of him strikes fear into the heart of every Mobian.
Grimer A snivelling, cowardly and malicious wretch, Grimer was Robotnik’s closest ally and chief scientist. Pathologically loyal, he put up with any abuse, helped in any scheme, and stayed loyal for years and years. He sacrificed the chance to be a villain in his own right on several occasions to help his master, and released the Chaos creature to help snap Robotnik out of a depression. Eventually he could no longer ignore that his master had gone totally insane. He left, and now spends his days with a Robotnik robot so he can pretend his master is still sane and he never left him…
Super Sonic Over-exposure to chaos energy mean that in times of great stress or further exposure, Sonic would transform into a terrifying berserker demon named Super Sonic! Initially just overly destructive, over time he became sadistic and only interested in destruction – and became separate from Sonic, attempting to kill his friends and the whole world! A great power drain calmed him and he became a gentle pacifist for years, but exposure to more chaos energy turned him evil again and he’s been rejoined to Sonic…
The Drakon Empire 8000 years ago, the Drakon Empire - a race of fish who used their advanced intelligence to built robotic bodies to function on land – created Chaos Energy and battled the Echidna’s over the Emeralds that contained them. Emperor Ko-Dorr of the House of War worked with Robotnik to get the Emeralds in the present day, but he was betrayed; Master Scholar and Sister Haggra of the Houses of Knowledge & Magic took him out and now rule the Empire. Master Scholar is plotting a long-term invasion plan of Mobius…
Metallix A series of super-Badniks, Metallix was originally the Metal Sonic: a terminator that could match Sonic move for move! Soon there was a Brotherhood of Metallix, a vast army building new model Metallixes - but they were designed too well and went rogue, attempted to alter time itself to rule all of Mobius! They were destroyed, but Robotnik & Grimer merely made a new Metallix modelled after Knuckles, which nearly killed Sonic twice!
Chaos He began as a Drakon Prosecutor in the Echidna-Drakon War, but exposure to chaos energy transformed him into the terrifying Chaos creature! He was sealed away only to be released by Grimer – with incredible strength, indestructibility and the power to induce fear, he nearly doomed the whole planet and killed Sonic’s friend Johnny! However, Super Sonic drained his energy and turned him back into a Drakon; he’s tried to regain his power, but instead suffers the indignity & constant humiliation of being Big the Cat’s pet fish “Buddy”.
The Marxio Brothers Groucho, Chicio and Harpo are refugees from Super Marxio World, and their demented antics drive everyone up the wall! They ran dodgy business ventures for Robotnik during his reign of tyranny. After his fall, they convinced Mobius that they were respectable businessmen who were just conned, and they now own and run the Chemical Plant Zone.
Dr. Zachary This malignant echidna is a master manipulator, mad scientist, traitor and murderer – he wants to destroy Mobius and gain vengeance on the echidna race for reasons unknown, and wiped out the Special Zone merely as an afterthought! He betrayed Knuckles’ trust years ago, and is one of the Guardian’s greatest enemies; currently a prisoner, he enjoys taunting Knuckles. He knows a vast amount about the Floating Island’s secrets and many other things besides – how he knows this is a mystery, as is his origin…
Nack A cunning and treacherous thief, Nack was originally a member of the Chaotix Crew - until he betrayed them to the genocidal Metallix for cash! He's a schemer, a scientist (specialising in re-sizing objects) and arrogant to boot, willing to do anything for anyone for money or power. He recently faked his own death.
Trogg King of the Goblin armies that threaten the Nameless Zone, this brutish tyrant fought Tails time and again in his attempts to invade the fox’s home! He was originally the Enchanter King Shirob, corrupted by the demonic Dark One, and when the Dark One was destroyed Trogg turned back into Shirob.
Megatox Originally a scientist working on Robotnik’s Mega Mack chemical, an accident saw him merge with it. Now he’s the deranged chemical monster Megatox, who lurked under the Chemical Plant Zone and terrorised all those who lived there! He’s one of Sonic’s oldest foes, and was enraged in their second battle to find Sonic didn’t remember who he was.
Commander Brutus Built as Robotnik’s second-in-command, this super-Badnik had a copy of the Doctor’s brainwaves – making him want to rule Mobius as well! Physically powerful and extremely cunning, he came within a hair’s breadth of taking the planet in one single strike. What finally saw him destroyed was not the heroes, for Sonic & Shortfuse could never beat him in a fight – Robotnik, however, proved to be far more sneaky and dangerous than a mere copy of him could be…
The Plax A hive-mind race of plastic alien androids, the emotionless Plax invaded the planet Shanazar and endangered thousands in their single-minded quest for raw materials. Sonic stopped them, only for them to help Robotnik in his attempt to kill the world! They cannot be stopped physically and even melting them barely bothers them, but Robotnik destroyed them during a period of temporary superpowers. The lone survivor is the renegade Bob, cast out for having individuality.
Max Gamble Working out of the Casino Night Zone and a lover of old crime movies, Gamble is a dangerous, money-hungry gangster who will step on anyone and puts his profit over everything. He used to be a heavy supporter of Robotnik, and both this and his regular criminal activity brought him into conflict with the freedom fighters many times. He has recently been forcibly recruited into the Family.
Metamorphia A biological creation of Robotnik, Metamorphia the Shape Shifter was one of his most dangerous warriors and assassins. Able to turn into anything, she came close to killing Sonic several times. In an unintended quirk, she was deeply in love with Robotnik. When he stripped her of her powers and had her turned into a Badnik after her final failure, she was left distraught and shattered, until an encounter with Tails saw her renounce evil and have a final transformation into a normal Mobian.
Colonel Percy Granite A rogue member of the British army, he was an obsessive xenophobe and would-be tyrant – the last person who should have made contact with Amy & Tekno when they arrived on Earth! They escaped him and later thwarted his time-travel attempts, but he followed them back to Mobius, intending to conquer it with his rogue army units and sell it off to developers for personal power & profit. The spirit of Mobius itself threw him out, and he was arrested on return to the UK.
Vermin the Cybernik He was an informer to the freedom fighters but sold out to Robotnik at the promise of power – he voluntarily had himself permanently turned into a Cybernik, and revelled in causing pain and damage! He clashed with his nemesis Shortfuse several times, the first time almost killing him, but was finally defeated when his armour was forcibly opened and then destroyed. He’s last been seen in an asylum, wearing a replica suit.
D.R.A.T. The Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe emerged soon after the Doctor was overthrown – calling for him to return! They’ve attempted to assist him, conquer Zones, undermine the heroes and brainwash people; their agents run from the incompetent to the dangerous (but mostly incompetent), and some are members simply out of fear that Robotnik will come back anyway. They were a constant scourge but their Grand Chief Whip left to join a new villain group, and they’ve since taken up legal tactics to further their cause.
Windy Wallis She was a promising weapons designer for Robotnik, but when he was overthrown she could only get employment doing the weather forecasts. Disgruntled, she created a weapon that could control the weather and wreaked havoc – often beaten, she keeps coming back and now works as a scientist in the League of Super-Evil Villains.
Cam & Bert As premier agents of BARF – Badnik Army Repair Functionaries – Cam and Bert were responsible for fixing all the Badniks that Sonic smashed during Robotnik’s reign, as well as dealing with faulty rogue Badniks. Utterly devoted to Robotnik and able to cobble together super-Badniks on the fly, their role was invaluable.
Nutzan Bolt Nutzan Bolt was, well, nuts: completely psychotic, obsessed with vendettas, driven mad by the very mention of Sonic (“THE S WORD!”) and gleefully using his neck-saws on all & sundry. Despite all this, he was put in charge of the Chemical Plant Zone, where he suffered a humiliating (and accidentally) defeat by Tails’ hands. He was so obsessed with revenge he almost destroyed the Zone before he was finally taken out.
The Family They claim to be simple insect refugees that escaped the Special Zone’s destruction, but the Family are actually a powerful crime syndicate! Run by Don Long-Legs and with a large number of gangsters & super-powered enforcers, they’re taking over the crime scene on Mobius and won’t let anyone stand in their way! They’ve fought the freedom fighters often, and both Big, Max Gamble and much of the Casino Night Zone has been co-opted by them. Many Special Zone Insects, however, are not Family members and live on Mobius peacefully.
Percival Kane This tyrannical tycoon owns vast amounts of Mobius’ media, and many other companies besides. He’s running a media smear campaign against Sonic, running slanted documentaries and vilifying him in entertainment – why he’s doing this is unknown.
Vichama Vichama is the literal God of Death, a supernatural horror who kills planets and stars with a good-natured chuckle. He was imprisoned in an echidna body and then within a prison capsule 8000 years ago, but Dr Zachary freed him to serve in the Syndicate in return for regaining his true form. He’s since wiped out entire Zones, raised an army of the dead, and murdered Knuckles (who got better).
Rouge A masterful thief and saboteur, Rouge the Bat was a member of the Syndicate and almost succeeded in getting the Chaos Emeralds – showing a merciless nature in the process. At the same time, she was working for the Drakon Empire. Her true allegiance depends on who’s paying her the most…
Shadow A dark and sinister villain, he is the instrument by which Zachary killed the Special Zone! He was originally a being of living chaos energy created & then abandoned in the Echidna-Drakon War; found and tutored by Kintobor, he watched as a time-travelling Sonic ensured Kintobor became Robotnik. He was finally given physical form via Sonic’s DNA in the present day and lacking any purpose he decided to fulfil Robotnik’s last wish in Kintobor’s memory - to destroying Mobius! He gave his life saving Robotnik.