Hey Boomers!

The day is finally here – STC’s fifteenth birthday! When people claimed we’d last this long back in 1993, they were laughed at and cruelly prodded. It was a different time, when only rich nobs had Internet and it was all dial-up – when the UK comic industry was having a burst of titles and before the crash that took whole companies – and when Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega strode the world like a colossus. Boomers with long memories and wrinkly skin will remember gasping over the Mega Drive (the It console), picking up merchandise, visiting the Sega Bus, thrilling to this fortnight’s STC, and watching a cushy two Sonic cartoons on Channel 4.

Much of that’s gone now, mainly due to some… questionable business decisions (yes, I’m looking at you, Mr “Let’s Not Have A New Sonic Game To Launch The Saturn”!) But somehow, despite the damage done to Sega… Sonic survives. He’s had multiple cartoons shown worldwide, he has merchandise still, he has best-selling games, and even That Other Comic. And much like the blue spiky one, while STC has faced many odds and setbacks (not least the loss of its print incarnation), it still carries on, is remembered and spawns new material made by dedicated boomers. It still thrives thanks to you, the fans, and the dedication of all the humes who ever had a hand in it.

In celebration, we have a Zone’s worth of posters and a new strip revealing an unsung hero of Mobius.

And if you want more, just wait until late June when #246 hits the ground running


Editors - Charles Ellis & Mike Corker
Designer - Mike Corker