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What did I tell you Boomers? Nothing to worry about!

Super Sonic’s been sorted once again and everything’s looking peachy. I mean, aside from all the collateral damage, emotional trauma and inevitable guilt weighing on Sonic’s conscience. Whatever, it comes in seven-page instalments, forget the little details.

And how did I know it’d be fine? Because it’s always been fine before!

In fact, before STC ever went online, the last original story to be printed in its hallowed pages was just such a tale where Super Sonic was dealt with! And to prove it, let me take you back in time…

Point of No Return!

Issue #184

STC #7 Cover

Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Ellie De’ Ville

Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L.T. Fletcher

Added to Omni-Viewer’s Data Banks by Michael Corker

What’s worse than a monster that feeds on chaos energy to exponentially increase in power and size? How about a monster that feeds on chaos energy to exponentially increase in power and size that’s in the middle of consuming the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald? As Doctor Robotnik lost his grip on sanity, he effectively managed to assemble Sonic, Amy and Knuckles to watch Mobius’ end.

Flashback Zone

Or, so it seemed. A pair of unexpected guests had shown up- magical cat Ebony and her best friend, Super Sonic!

Oh, right, that might need some explaining to new readers. You see, when Sonic and his friends threw Robotnik out of power, they did it by using the separated Super Sonic (check last issue’s Flashback Zone for the lowdown there!) as an electromagnetic pulse! The energy he expended practically wiped Super Sonic out and caused him to become an amnesiac pacifist. He was lovely.

Anyway, he was dying due to the lack of chaos energy so Ebony had this great idea to give him a top up by exposing him to the Emeralds. I don’t want to say Ebony’s not got great ideas but…

Flashback Zone

Well, there were only so many ways it was going to go, you know?

As I’m sure I don’t need to explain, Super Sonic was back and as bad as ever. Immediately turning on Ebony, Super Sonic fired off a burst of his deadly lasers.

And what of Chaos?

Flashback Zone

Well, without the Chaos Emeralds, he reverted back to his natural Drakon form. Did I mention the Drakons look like fish when they’re not in their armour? Because they totally do. Just work with me on this.

Anyway, Super Sonic decided there was only room for one villain around here so discarded Chaos like an empty can of Koala Kola. Luckily for Chaos, he landed in a pool. Unluckily for Chaos, the pool was full of huge crocodiles.

Flashback Zone

Super Sonic turned his attention back to Sonic and his friends, giving Tails a full-throttle blast of laser fire. Sonic almost lost it- he’d just recently lost poor Johnny Lightfoot, the thought of losing Tails too was unbearable. Fortunately, Tails suffered no lasting damage, a testament to Super Sonic’s cruel nature of toying with his prey.

This was it. Sonic was determined that his friends would not suffer any more at Super Sonic’s hands.

Flashback Zone

Meanwhile, Knuckles was suffering at Super Sonic’s hands.

Sonic challenged Super Sonic to a fight, hedgehog versus hedgehog. Super Sonic was upset at the idea he might accidentally kill Sonic too quickly to have any fun, but he wasn’t going to turn down a chance like this.

The two alter-egos fought tooth and nail, eventually locking hands in a test-of-strength. Unfortunately, Sonic’s strength is no match for his demonic self’s. Sonic told Ebony to put her plan into action- whatever it may be! Ebony clearly had a dangerous idea up her sleeve and this was as good a time as any to enact it!

Ebony fired a burst of magical energy towards the two hedgehogs… and Sonic rapidly aged and vanished into nothingness!

Flashback Zone

Super Sonic didn’t have long to rejoice, however. Before he could set his focus on destroying Sonic’s friends, something very strange happened to him…

Flashback Zone

Ebony’s spell had recombined Sonic and Super Sonic into one being! With Sonic now firmly in control, he was fully intent on keeping Super Sonic buried deep in his subconscious!

Omni Viewer: Happy

And there Super Sonic would remain forever.

Except for the time Doctor Zachary drew him out.

And the time he fought Shadow.

And the time Ebony almost unleashed him by accident.

And the time Dexter forced the transformation.

And the time—oh, forget it. I suppose the threat of Super Sonic is one our blue hero will never truly be free of. But at least it makes for some good comics, eh?

You know what, I feel a bit of a change of pace is in order. How about next time, we tone things back a bit as I give you the secret origin story of a certain lady in Sonic’s life?

See you next space-time!

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