Flashback Zone

Omni Viewer: Nervous

Oh, thank goodness it’s you, Boomers! I was afraid it might be Super Sonic!

Well, things aren’t looking great are they? Sonic’s let out his nasty side- and his nice side can sometimes be a bit grating so I’m sure you can imagine my concern!

But, you know, it’s not the first time Super Sonic’s reared his angry, yellow mug. No, far from it. But perhaps some of you newer readers may need a little reminder of exactly why Super Sonic is the most feared lifeform on Mobius- and, I really do have to stress, he and Sonic are two completely different individuals! Let’s start at the beginning (I once heard that’s a very good place to start).

Super Sonic

Issue #7

STC #7 Cover

Script: Nigel Kitching
Art: Richard Elson
Lettering: Elitta Fell

Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L.T. Fletcher

Flashback Zone 00

The Oil Ocean Zone was one of Dr. Robotnik’s deadliest factories during his second attempt at conquering Mobius (go and play Sonic 2 if you’re not sure of what went down- it’s okay, I’ll be waiting, I’ve got all the time in the universe) and it was still active sometime after Sonic stopped the Death Egg for the first time. Unfortunately, this meant all the traps were still active. Sonic and Tails were called in to help deactivate them by foreman Red.

Flashback Zone 01

Sonic was actually rather enjoying the challenge of deactivating the deadly flame spouts using his famous Sonic Cyclone move- in fact, he thought it was fun (mind you, he has always been a bit weird). But what came next would lead to something more dangerous than even a gigantic burst of fire!

Flashback Zone 02

Finding himself attacked by the most persistent Aquis Badnik Robotnik has ever built, Sonic ended up falling onto an oil slick slide- one of the very traps he was sent in to deal with!

Flashback Zone 03

Launched right into a huge pool of oil, Sonic was unable to escape the fiery assault of the Aquis. As Tails and Red looked on in horror, the slimy seahorse set the oil alight! It looked like the end for Sonic the Hedgehog. However, what happened next surprised everyone…

Flashback Zone 04

Exploding out of the flames came a glowing hedgehog- no longer Sonic but Super Sonic! In addition to Sonic’s regular powers and abilities, Super Sonic had the gift of near total invulnerability and an enormous boost in strength. Unfortunately, the trade-off was that his personality was vastly different to Sonic’s. How different you ask? Well, Sonic wouldn’t usually kill anyone just for existing, and that’s just for a kick-off… Tails, quite rightly, advised Red that the best course of action was probably to stay out of Super Sonic’s way until the effects wore off.

Flashback Zone 05

Super Sonic, for his money, was about ready to demolish the Aquis Badnik. It put up a noble escape (well, I say noble, that’s by the standards of robots programmed to kidnap and destroy in servitude to a megalomaniacal fruitcake) but it was no use and, just like regular, blue Sonic would, he smashed the Badnik.

Flashback Zone 06

Unfortunately for the poor rabbit encased within the Badnik, Super Sonic- very much unlike regular, blue Sonic- wasn’t particularly bothered with the niceties of society that mean we don’t go around obliterating one another. Bit rude, really, but what can you do?

Flashback Zone 07

Mercifully, however, Tails was able to reason with whatever still existed of Sonic’s psyche within the beast, being able to calm the rampaging monster down. Not exactly sure of what had happened, Sonic decided to get down to the business of deactivating the traps, boasting it would only take him five minutes. And it did.

Omni Viewer: Serious

Sad to say, Boomers, getting Super Sonic to calm down has never been an especially easy feat after this time. This was one of the earliest instances of Sonic transforming into Super Sonic- the monster only got angrier with every subsequent transformation… as you’ll see next issue.

See you next space-time!

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