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The Story So Far...


Robotnik is at war with Mobius and Sonic has been framed for crimes he did not commit – so Tails is now the hero, if he's ready or not! Tails even has his own sidekicks these days, the Ultimax. The group founder, software mogul Dexter Bagstille, dreams of being a big-time hero and maybe he’ll get there if he listens to Tails more!

Sonic also absorbed so much chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds that if he gets extremely stressed, he can turn into Super Sonic – and Super Sonic is demented and loves destruction! Luckily Sonic hasn’t got too stressed about being a fugitive, eh?

Seventy years in the future, the last survivors of a devastated Mobius sent their greatest hero – Silver the Hedgehog – back in time, hoping he could prevent the suspiciously yellow and spiky “Iblis” from ever existing…

Sonic’s recently had his “Bob Beaky” disguise exposed, a price on his head, and the magical mercenaries Death-Trap hunting him down – all building that stress up to critical levels! Meanwhile, Silver made contact with Tails and the Ultimax, found out who “Iblis” really is, and went out to kill Sonic! The two fought to a standstill, at which point Death-Trap bonked Sonic on the head and took him prisoner.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic may have a bounty out on his head, but that never stops him from heeding the call when danger appears! Extreme stress or chaos energy turn him into...
Super Sonic

Super Sonic

A sadistic berserker, Super Sonic has tried to destroy the world before - and in Silver the Hedgehog's dark future, he HAS.
The CHaotix Crew

The Chaotix Crew

A team of dysfunctional superheroes led by the time/space warping Omni-Viewer! Their homeworld, the Special Zone, was destroyed years ago and they refuse to let Mobius fall!
Tails and The Ultimax

Tails and The Ultimax

In Sonic's absence, Tails is the Hero of Mobius! The Ultimax - software "genius" Dexter Bagstille, the hyper Holly Thumpfoot and the cultured strongman Theodore Abram Spartacus - are his sidekicks-in-training, which annoys Dexter's ego!
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SUPER SONIC: Unleashed! Part 1
Story: Stephen 'Spydaman' Davis
Art: Thalia Evans, Jean-François 'Adamis' Thébé, James 'DarkNoise' Kennedy, and India Swift
Colours: Pete Murphy
Letters: Chris Gould