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Hey, happening time travellers! How’s it going? Omni-Viewer here once again to take you into the Flashback Zone!

Well, what an issue it’s been with our heroes getting into all sorts of scrapes! With stories that raise anticipation like that, I’m glad I don’t have to wait for each new issue to be finished- time travel really has its uses!

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But sometimes, our heroes don’t just battle evil enemies- sometimes they fight one another! Our flashback today is just such a tale from STC’s early years…

Knuckles Versus The Cybernik

Issue #52

STC #52 Cover

Script: Lew Stringer
Art: John Moore
Lettering: Elitta Fell

Flashback Zone Report Filed by: L.T. Fletcher

Flashback Zone 01

After living alone on the Floating Island for as long as he could remember and then being duped by Doctor Robotnik, Knuckles initially found it difficult to trust people. However, he was about to learn that appearances could be deceptive.

Shortfuse the Cybernik, everyone’s favourite armour-plated squirrel, was enjoying an spot of Badnik battling. Chasing a Balkiry up into the sky, he was led to the Floating Island of legend!

Flashback Zone 02

Knuckles spotted the two metallic individuals and deemed them both trespassers on his island. He wasn’t prepared to take any chances after Robotnik set up shop on Knuckles’ home turf- in fact, Knuckles was still trying to rid the Floating Island of Robotnik’s influence at this time.

Flashback Zone 03

Knuckles was taking no chances- he destroyed the Balkiry and confronted Shortfuse, who he had mistaken for being just another Badnik. Shortfuse protested his innocence but Knuckles lashed out with his almighty strength! Shortfuse, never being one to take an attack lying down, fought back!

Flashback Zone 04

Eventually deciding Knuckles wasn’t to be reasoned with, Shortfuse took the high ground and decided to leave. As he was making his exit, however, he spotted a group of Coconuts Badniks, loitering in the trees ready to attack Knuckles! Alerting Knuckles to their presence, Shortfuse toasted the robotic monkeys with his lasers!

Flashback Zone 05

Knuckles realised he had made a mistake and that Shortfuse had been telling the truth. Shortfuse told Knuckles that in future he should judge a person by their actions, not their appearance. The two heroes shook hands and Shortfuse flew off toward adventure. And Knuckles? Well, he learned that there were good people out there… but he still preferred it if they left him alone!

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And that’s that, Boomers! A short but sweet tale of momentary foes turned allies! Knuckles and Shortfuse haven’t worked together often, but they share a mutual respect for one another’s honour- not to mention for the punches they each pack!

But if you thought Shortfuse had a quick temper, you’d better get ready for next issue’s Flashback Zone, where Knuckles’ patience is pushed to the limit by a gang of thieves!

See you next space-time!

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