Control Zone

Hey Boomers!

Is it that time again already? The offices have been so busy since last issue, it's come round in no time. It's just been a blur of fireworks, snow, and pancakes! Now it's starting to look a bit brighter, how about we get the ball rolling on Spring with a new issue of Sonic the Comic?

There's a nice, complete Sonic story first up! Sonic's quiet time is interrupted once more, and this time, Robotnik's machine is a little trickier than usual. Sonic may find he needs more than a little help to take down Libra!

Knuckles encountered a strange robot last issue, seemingly kept secured in a maze of deadly obstacles that even he had trouble navigating. Will he find out exactly what the 'Gizoid' is this time? Find out in the second part of Skeletons in the Closet.

Be sure to check out the new look Data Zone located at the top of each story! Just click on it to expand all the info you need to get you up to speed on what's been going on!

Blockbuster movie Wreck-It Ralph is the focus of our Review Zone this issue! If you haven't been to see it yet, why not? Sonic hasn't shut up about his cameos for weeks!

You'll find the usual Wallpapers in the usual place and feel free to refresh the page in the Cover section a few times!

Now, under the different sections of the comic, you'll notice some new additions. There are now roughly 260 different ways available to share each page of the comic. And those large boxes are there so you guys can give us your thoughts on the comic AS YOU READ IT. Simply create an account or sign in through another social network and you're good to go! Go ahead, try it out! We want to know what you think, what you enjoy, and what you want to see more of.

Oh, and just one more thing, I'm sure all you Boomers know STC turns 20 this year! Well, check out the Next Issue page and keep your eyes glued to the Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter* for more news as we get closer. Want to speculate? Go ahead, there are plenty of places to do it! You can also send us a message through Speedlines!

Phew, all these new things... And so much more to come!

See you soon!


*As with anything outside the STC website, we can't guarantee everything on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter will be family friendly so use your judgement, Boomers!

The latest updates from across Mobius.


The recent Pananana expose on Uncle Gee Gee's chilli dog emporium has left the fast food outlet on the verge of bankrupcy almost overnight, owing to revelations about what goes into their menu being brought to light on the programme last week.

A spokesman for the company was quoted as saying that he "couldn't see what all the fuss was about" and there was "nothing wrong" with neglecting to tell customers that their food in fact contained "100% meat free products." But campaigners are demanding to know what they've been eating all this time, and "does anyone know when the chip shop opens?"

When asked if he'd like to comment himself on the issues, CEO Uncle Gee Gee would only reply in a rasping tone as he was in fact a little hoarse...


A pirate radio station named EK-0 has been broadcasting news from the occupied Dolphin Resort Zone: the first sign of a resistance movement. EK-0's transmission is repeatedly jammed by Robotnik but comes back each time. In fact, the station opens each broadcast with "You can't stop the signal", mocking the Doctor's inability to stop them.

The Aquatic Capital Zone will not confirm or deny plans to smuggle blasters & microputers to any Dolphin Resort Freedom Fighters.


Should Robotnik have conquered more of cyberspace? A report by Free Mobius' Unified Intelligence Committee suggests that an "abnormally high" amount of the internet is free of his control. "Either Robotnik is holding back, which doesn't fit his MO," said UnIC's Learners the Bee, "or there's an unknown person or persons defending the net. And frankly, we don't know who would have the time and power to do that without being known." More on this as it develops...

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