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Hey Boomers!

Here's hoping you've all been tucked up cozy in your homes this week. The weather outside's been turning prematurely frightful and it certainly doesn't show any signs of stopping! Good job we're providing you the perfect partner to a mega-sized mug of hot chocolate and a good old lounge on the sofa: Sonic the Comic #259!

Last issue, we left Sonic trapped on Robotnik's Wing Fortress, plummeting to the ground. Somehow, Sonic's going to have to escape the fortress AND stop it crashing into the Metropolis Zone. Find out if he manages in the second part of Sky Chase!

Next, Knuckles is back! Starring in his own strip again, join him as he and Porker attempt to uncover more secrets about the ancient Echidnas and the mysterious Floating Island in Skeletons in the Closet!

And, back by popular demand, Big the Cat Hits the Road in a brand new solo outing. Working for the Family in Buddy's Bistro is harder than it looks, even harder if you've no idea what you're meant to be doing!

We've got the first batch of an exclusive new series of wallpapers depicting your favourite STC characters (and check the section for a wallpaper version of our fantastic Big cover!)

Outside the comic it's quite a popular time for Sonic games, with a whole host of recent releases over various formats. We've had Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed for general console release, Sonic Jump for iOS and Android devices, and the long awaited release of Sonic CD on Windows Phone, and in the next few weeks Sonic the Fighters gets a digital re-release too for Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Will you be getting them? Let us know what you think via Speedlines!

Another game that just got a High-Def digital re-release is Sonic Adventure 2, see how we think it holds up in today's gaming market in the Review Zone!

Adding to the array of ways to keep up with the latest updates (and memories!) from the STC-Online team, we've opened a Tumblr account. Follow the links on the right to get to STC's Facebook page, my own Facebook page and my Twitter account*.

Oh and it looks like a few Humes are sleeping at the offices this week as their roads home are flooded so who knows, maybe we'll manage to squeeze some extra work out of them before Christmas!

See you soon!


*As with anything outside the STC website, we can't guarantee everything on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter will be family friendly so use your judgement, Boomers!

The latest updates from across Mobius.


The Badniks and Adabat Collective Security forces have now been in stalemate for nine days, ending the rapid conquest of Adabat's coastal zones.

Field Marshall Pongo is credited with the turnaround. "Let's just say some Zones weren't being very collective with front-line supplies," he told the press.


S.P.E.A.R. have refused to apologise for attacking ex-supervillain Loot the Treasure Seeker, with the soldier involved saying "he looked suspicious". "If our men see a guy called Loot creeping around people's windows, of course they'll assume he's a threat," added Captain Blue.

Loot has been working as a window cleaner ever since he was released from prison.


Casino Night businessmen Donovan Long-Legs has won a £1m defamation lawsuit against KBC's Pananana, who mentioned rumours that he is the boss of the notorious Family.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Long-Legs said that he'd been suffering "speciesist remarks" for months and hoped people would stop "if they know what's good for 'em".

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