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Hey Boomers!

Wow, that was a hectic summer, eh? It's not all been fun and games! Regardless, we still managed to squeeze in another fantastic appearance at Summer of Sonic! We showed some upcoming material, gave away prizes and hopefully gained some brand new fans! And, well. Let's just say that when I can finally round up a big bunch of staff Humes to meet up and discuss work, some very interesting things tend to appear on the horizon.

Unfortunately, we've had some hume-based complications and our advertised lead strip won't be making the trip into cyberspace with this issue. Fortunately, it's being replaced with a story equally as exciting! Find out for yourself and jump into the thrilling first part of the Sky Chase.

Rejoin Tails and The Ultimax, trapped along with the children of the Maple Flower Zone in the underground tunnels of Mobius. Can Tails carry on living up to his role as hero of the planet or will this mission prove just too much pressure for him?

Amy and Tails are back on the trail of S.P.E.A.R. in Sonic's World. They turn up on the scene of a hostage siuation with Captain Blue while Metropolis University is under to total Lockdown! Click the link to find out who's holed up inside!

Back in issue 253, Blaze the Cat was catapulted through a portal by the mysterious Order of Magick, find out where she ended up in The Chaos of Things!

We have a review of the latest Sonic game, Sonic 4 episode 2! Available now on various formats. And don't forget to look out for the re-releases of Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS, coming soon! The wallpapers are in the usual place, spruce up your desktops with our latest selection of artistic awesomeness!

We'll be back soon, Boomers. Promise!


The latest updates from across Mobius.


Local's were confused this week as the weather dramatically dropped from what meteorologists were calling "Gloriously sunny and warm", to "So cold you'll think it's already Christmas".

The sudden drop was initially suspected to be the work of weather boffin Windy Wallace, until police chiefs assured the public she was still in jail for her last efforts to end summer early.

As one weather expert told us "despite how freakishly unnatural it seems, the weather can drop like that, and it happens every year. It's just this is the first time it's not been the fault of some wrong 'un".


Citizens of the Moonshine Plains Zone headed for the polls yesterday to select a new zone leader.

Incumbent Bucky O' Bear is running on a platform of "Hoping for the best" after having spent his years in office keeping the zone defended from numerous Badnik attacks and Fabian Vane concerts, while his challenger, Hick Monkey has campaigned for months with the slogan "It's my turn darn it!" - the result is expected to be announced after the raffle for the new Sheriff...


The Badniks holding Bingo Highway hostage have been destroyed, after a crack raid by enraged pensioners.

Diedre Oldfash, the militia leader, told press, "I don't care who they are, it's Bingo Night and no one's keeping me out!" The freed hostages are being treated for severe tedium - more soon...

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