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Hey Boomers!

Well, as the snow starts to sweep the UK, how about a new issue of Sonic the Comic Online to keep you occupied as the country grinds to a standstill?

Braving the freezing conditions himself, Sonic takes a trip to North Cave and ends up running into some other visitors definitely NOT from South Island. Join him in diving Into the Brink.

The Ultimax join with Tails to help with the war effort, getting to work ferrying refugees from the devastated Maple Flower Zone. It seems the newbie freedom fighters may have misjudged a few things though...

Amy and Tails discover the intentions of the organisation S.P.E.A.R when they meet with the mysterious Mr. Gold. Will their questionable methods turn out to be for the greater good? Find out in the concluding part of The Hunted.

And Decap Attack returns once more! When Chuck brings a four leaf clover into the castle, it should spell good luck for all involved, right? See how things actually turn out (and see if you can spot the very special surprises) in Good luck Chuck!

Making a welcome return to STCO is the Colouring Zone! The feature has popped up a few times in STCO's history and we've had numerous messages asking if it'll be a regular feature. Well, we aim to please, Boomers!

We've put together something a bit special for our featured review this issue; Sonic's 20th anniversary title, Sonic Generations. You'll soon see what I mean once you click through to the Review Zone.

Of course, there's the usual smattering of wallpapers to top off your 257th issue enjoyment.

Though we don't have much in the way of detailed information yet, Summer of Sonic 2012 has been announced, taking place in London on Saturday the 7th July. We'll keep you up to date with any developments here and via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Don't forget the 3DS version of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games came out last week! Be sure to set some records as team Sonic and leave that plumber guy in the dust.

All the best, Boomers! See you next issue!


Sad news as Nadine Wilkinson (Tailschao) who drew this issue's Tails story passed away last year. For more information, see this page. The thoughts of the whole STCO team are with her friends and family.

Our thoughts also go out to friends and family of Mike White, artist on Golden Axe and the Knuckles Knock-Out Special (and many other strips like Roy of the Rovers and The Reversible Man), who passed away recently.

Cover to STC #5 by Mike White

And the winner is...

Last issue we had a competition to win Richard Elson's original pencils from #256 and an STC goodie bag.

After sifting through the results we chose Kyle H! Check out the wining entry here

Well done to everyone who entered, look out for more competitions in upcoming issues!

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