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Hey Boomers!

Hope you all had a great Hallowe'en! The Humes got a bit carried away with their tricks and ending up locking themselves in a cupboard for a week. I only discovered them when I went to get the sparklers out last weekend.

As it turns out, they had time to throw together an extra spooky strip for the issue while they were in there. I'm considering locking them in there more often now, to be honest... Tails comes to the aid of a haunted village in this year's hallowe'en strip: Spooks and Mirrors.

Knuckles has also been hard at work in the background, trying to find out ways to bring Robotnik down. Follow one of their battles in Master of All I Survey!

Anyway! With the launch of STC-O 256, we bring you a head on collision between Sonic and his original red, dreaded rival, Knuckles! It's been a while since the pair faced off and no doubt Knuckles is still holding a grudge.

Tails and Amy have a run-in with a suspicious group, enforcing their own brand of justice across Mobius. Who are they and what do they have to do with the return of a certain League? Find out more in The Hunted.

The current chapter of House of the Dead draws to a close this issue. Will everything be answered? There's all the usual action to be found in Charnel House - Part 4!

There's the usual Speedlines and check out our review of Sonic Colours for the Nintendo DS. Be rest assured we'll have some more reviews coming for you in 257.

To bring us to the end of our celebrations for Sonic's 20th anniversary year, check out our new competition! You want the chance to own some Richard Elson original pencils? Take a look and show us what you can do!

I guess I'd better let the Humes out of the cupboard now... Oh? What's that? Sonic Generations and an XBox all to myself? Ok, so I might leave them in there for a couple more days...


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