Control Zone

Hey Boomers!

It's a party!

How's this for a faster release schedule?! The 20th anniversary spirit is really hitting the STCO offices. This issue almost flew out into cyberspace itself!

We've got a clash of epic proportions as Team Robotnik arrives to tackle Sonic and ruin his birthday celebrations. It's a wild ride so take a deep breath before reading!

We get some insight into Blaze the Cat's origins, see how she began and how she ended up on Mobius in Enter: Blaze.

We give a warm STCO welcome to Silver the Hedgehog! It's been a long time coming and I hope you're all as excited as I am to see what we've got in store for the telekinetic time traveller!

Summer of Sonic is just around the corner now. A LOT of the Humes will be there. If you're going along, make sure to pass by the STCO table and say hi to them and me!

A few of the Humes will be selling prints, (hopefully to fund a coffee machine that doesn't require me to make several hundred trips to the kitchen every day, but I doubt it) so have some spare cash put aside if you fancy picking any of those up.

If you're a budding artist, you might be interested in checking our our recruitment drive. Pick up a sample script at Summer of Sonic and show us what you're capable of on the day!

Phew, with that, I'm off to get things set up for the Office party tonight! Now where did that old, yellow Mega Drive go...?


The latest updates from across Mobius.


The largest organised convention of outlaw Sonic the Hedgehog supporters is due to take place this weekend in the Metropolis Zone.

Rumours say Robotnik is preparing an army of troopers to storm the gathering as a show of force.

Organiser Norris Wimple is quoted as saying this "celebration of Mobius' greatest hero will go ahead as planned, we believe in you, Sonic!"


In response to no one remembering his birthday, Robotnik has taken control of the Earthland Zone and troopers are forcing all residents to sing "Happy Birthday" continuously until he feels better.

So far the forced celebrations have lasted 20 hours...

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