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This is the zone where you, the Boomers, get to write in with whatever you desire. With this fancy new Internet thing going, I'll be able to respond to every message we get, while sending the best ones off to the Humes for printing in each issue of Sonic the Comic – Online!

Email all messages to megadroid@stconline.co.uk
Expanding Our Borders
Dear Megadroid,

I think you would like to know that I'm from Argentina and I'm seeing your comic that is in English (in Argentina we speak Spanish, if you don't know). I'm going to miss Robotnik being in charge of the comic (I kinda liked him in that place!, He couldn't harm anyone). Oh yes! I would like to see a Super Sonic-Burning Blaze confrontation. That would be great! Is the REAL SHADOW going to reappear in the comic?

Regards, Luca

P.D.: In Argentina we don't have comics like yours

Luca Morello
We get a fair few Americans messaging us, sometimes Canadians, but now we can chalk up another great country to the STC-O worldwide reader base! I'm sorry, Luca, you may have liked Robotnik, but I can never bring myself to let him back in. He deleted all my bookmarks! And he hacked my chair, somehow! It doesn't go up and down any more!

Needless to say, the Humes don't seem in any rush to buy me a replacement.

Shadow's entire life was shrouded in mystery, his apparent disappearance perhaps is too, or maybe he is gone for good?
Criminal Alert
Dear Megadrive,

I used to play Tails Adventure in Game Gear. I remember Bean against Tails in Kakku Empire Battleship and on Crocoa Island in Tails Adventure.

Also I used to play Bean Dynamite in Sonic Fighters in SEGAWORLD and played Bean in Sonic Fighters on Sonic Gems. I think Bean the Dynamite lives in Dynamite Plant. Now I think Bean moved to Casino Night Zone. I think the reason why Bean moved to Casino Night Zone is because Bean wants to steal money from the Casino Night Machine.

William Reynolds
Thanks for letting us know, Boomer! We've alerted security, but we're fairly sure The Family won't take too kindly to him doing that to their business. Or maybe he's working with them. Or maybe he wants them to think he's working with them. Or maybe he wants them to think that they think he's working with them when he's actually thinking that he's working wi-VIONININBIBViubn...

Summer Pyorkinetic BBQ
Dear Megadroid,

Having been a fan of the original STC, I FINALLY found out about the STC Online. And may I say, it's AWESOME! After reading eight years worth of STCO in one night I loved the new strips and all the old and new faces. And, in the last issue, my favourite character, a certain purple pyro-kinetic cat, finally showed up! I always assumed she was somehow related to Ebony, and I would love to see her at the Groovy train café using her pyro-kinesis to flame-grill burgers or something! Just a couple of small niggles though. Instead of making GUN an "inter-zone defence force", couldn't you have made it a "human-Mobian liaison unit", comprised of humans and using Colonel Granite's dimensional teleporter? That would tie-in better with the game continuities. Also, please flesh out Rouge's character a bit more! As it stands, she's basically just a female Nack with bat wings. Overall though, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Matt Jones (Boomer since 1996...)

Colonel Granite has been a bit busy to try re-opening the gate again right now, unfortunately. Ol' Percy is running for government, you see. His campaign against deporting all hedgehogs and canaries from the country isn't going too well for him though, I'm afraid.

There's plenty to come from Rouge in Sonic the Comic's upcoming issues however. I tried to get you some information from the Writer Hume plotting her future, but he threatened me with a thesaurus. Sorry, Boomers! I tried!
Fun From The Games
Dear Megadroid,

My name's Manny, and I've been a fan of Sonic the Comic - Online! for a while. I loved the Universe Game! The art was amazing, and the dialogue was even better! I loved Lumina Flowlight and Void! The story was great!

It's always nice to hear you Boomers are enjoying things in the comic! Just please, remember to say that Megadroid is awesome too! I don't get paid if the Editor Hume doesn't see any praise for me!
Great Minds Think Alike
Dear Megadroid,

Having just read the latest issue, I just wanted to tell you all how amazing I thought it was. I love how Blaze has been portrayed, you have her just like I pictured her to act in my own fan fic and although there has been only a minimal contact between her and Sonic, they already look like they will work well together and make some awesome stories hopefully in future issues. The art is also amazing in this strip, not to say the rest of the comic isn't fantastic, I just think you've done exceptional on this story.

Keep up the excellent work

Ellie x
That copy of your story that went missing wasn't us. Honest.
Concepting the Future
Dear Megadroid,

I have a question about STC-O.

Do you guys ever look for new characters for your stories at all? Just a thought as I would be very interested in designing some. I have created a couple of characters. The whole process is pretty fun! Anyway, you guys keep up the great work! The latest issue is stunning! I can see an Elson influence in Tails and the Ultimax, the whole strip is just beautiful!

The Ultimax took a huge amount of time to put together, the STCO team being pretty determined to make them fit within the feeling of STC's world. (The Elson influence, I am told, was quite deliberate) Not just in artwork but in writing and personality. Good on you making your own, although The Ultimax may be the last for a good while from how much time it takes!

Although the team never seemed too interested in my ideas, I still think Ben the Wonder Lizard is the next big thing!
Repair the Mirror
Dear Megadroid,

Since I began reading StC last January, I have grown quite fond of Captain Plunder and Lord Sidewinder's Gang. Although a few things still bugs me. Is there a cure for Plunder's bad luck? And when the Special Zone was destroyed, were Sidewinder and his gang on Mobius or in the Zone when Shadow blew it up?

Signed by one of you US fans,

I admit, I always love getting mail from anyone in another country, such as Americans like yourself. This could never have happened back when I was working on the printed comic. It's great to see a new audience!

Plunder's luck is bad. Very bad. Even worse than my luck at the Staff Raffle. No doubt he's so unlucky that anything that cures luck may escape his grasp.

Sidewinder meanwhile? Well, doesn't every good villain have an escape route? But who knows for sure right now.
Passing of Worlds
Dear Megadroid,

I am a huge fan of STC- I have everything related to it. I like it a lot better than Archie Comics, STC-O being a lot more faithful to the original comics. I recently noticed the appearence of "Dexter", a member of the Ultimax. Maybe this Dexter could lead into a Sonic Chronicles storyline. However, if it does I would recommend using the Archie equivalents, being more recognisable that those in The Dark Brotherhood. Shade would be Julie-Su, Ix would be Dr. Finetivus etc. and you could maybe introduce the new "Eggman" design.

Keep up the good work on the super story lines!


While it'd be awesome to see great characters from all comics together, short of something pretty special, I think our resident Lawyer Humes on the floor below us would have a heart attack if they saw it happening. We give them enough stress as it is dealing with our staff parties being reported by the next door neighbours. (Boring Old Humes!)

Glad you're enjoying the comic though, Boomer!
Hume Aspirations
Dear Megadroid,

My name is Doryan Nelson.

First off I'd just like to say that you guys are AWESOME for continuing Sonic the Comic! It is my favorite version of Sonic the Hedgehog. But it's always been my dream to one day draw comics for my favorite hedgehog and I was wondering if you guys would allow me to work on a Sonic strip for the upcoming issues.

I'd really appreciate it.

We're always on the lookout for new artists, Doryan! Head on over to our Graphics Zone in the Message Zone and let us see what you have! Also, track down our Editor Hume “Stiv” and PM him with your work, he'll take a look for you! Don't worry, he's very friendly. Just don't mention goldfish around him. He still hasn't gotten over it. Poor guy.
Redecoration Wish
Dear Megadroid,

I keep going through the latest issue and the artwork in Ebony and Ivory is unreal. Any chance next issue you could put the first panel of super sonic reaching out for sonic from page 4 as wallpaper?


I'll get right on it and ask the Humes if they can make it happen, keep your eyes peeled! Your pal Megadroid will not rest until he gets it done!

Right after I go into hibernate mode for a bit.
Collection Boomer
Dear Megadroid,

I'm new to these comics, but I love them already! The art is really great, and I love the stories. Now I just need to get the original stuff so I'll be all up to date ^_^ I wish I could find scans of those. Anyway, this comic rocks! I can't wait until the next issue! What's the usual amount of time it takes for you to churn out one of these issues? I hope the next one comes soon!

It can really depend on a lot of factors, Ip. Art Hume free time, strip complexity, rewrites, free space, good old fashioned Hume laziness, how many jammy dodgers are left in the tin and even time of year. As such, there's no definite timescale I can give you. Some strips are completed in less than a few months, while others have taken much longer. Rouge Alert Parts 1 and 2 took years to finally get into the comic!
Simple and Heartfelt
Dear Megadroid,

Just stumbled across the site… I had no idea this was still going. I was a reader from number one back in the day (when I was a little boy) So glad to see the comic still going, now I have found it again I am sure to keep reading.

Keep up the amazing work guys, best comic ever.

Thanks for coming back to us, Iain! It's always fun to see some returning Boomers from the past find us again.

Except Mr Oldfash from Basingstoke. I'd rather he didn't return.