The Story So Far...

Doctor Robotnik has returned, and Mobius is at war against his armies – with Tails as its greatest hero! But while many fight Robotnik, others have different agendas…
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic is the former hero of Mobius. Despite his recent framing for numerous crimes and terrorist activity, he continues to fight against evil wherever it crops up. Currently he has helped Ebony against the Order of Magick and met the mysterious Blaze, who left without a trace. What sort of adventures will Sonic have as a fugitive struggling to control his inner demon?


Earth, 2018: fifteen years after manufactured armies of zombies swarmed the Earth, created to murder mankind! Survivors are at risk from both the undead hordes & their controllers and power-grabbing groups like the Resurrection Men… but in post-zombie London, humanity refuses to stay down!


Experienced, heroic, and downright dangerous, AMS agent Rogan has been fighting the zombies since 1998. He just rescued his wife and is returning home…


Originally a scientist, twenty years of zombie fighting with AMS has turned her into a dangerous combatant – but fighting zombies has never been as challenging as being a mother! She recently learnt about a threat called NAOMI.


She may be a normal light-hearted young girl, but growing up in the apocalypse has seen her grown into a skilled fighter.


Immaculately dressed and always cool, AMS agent G’s been fighting at Rogan’s side for over 20 years. He’s an inhumanly good shot, and was strangely unaffected by a severe psychic assault…
Tails is an optimistic young fox who uses his two tails to fly for short periods. He used to idolise Sonic, but now he’s the one who’s the hero of Mobius!
Amy used to be Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, although in recent years has matured and now is a freedom fighter in her own right. Amy recently fought a group of dolls which bared a striking resemblance to Tails, these new enemies are in unknown numbers and Amy has to warn mobius of the threat!
As Shortfuse the Cybernik, Shorty the squirrel was one of Mobius’ most powerful heroes. Set turned Shorty’s armour against him and has been setting up a trap to keep he and Tekno on another world. Shorty however, might not need to be trapped…
Set was an old enemy of Tekno. He trapped her and Shorty in another world to take his revenge. He was eventually thwarted and, although apparently killed by Tekno, he managed to recover and is still trying his best to stop them from returning home.
Tekno has been trapped with Shorty on another world for months. Being a scientific genius, she has been slowly losing grip without any access to technology. She’s heading down a dark path and desperately needs to get back to Mobius.