Hey Boomers!

Is it just me or are these months going by faster and faster? It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming you all to the last issue! Definitely, there's been a lot going on to keep the time flying by. I've been having a great time talking to you all on Facebook and Twitter, it's great to see how many vocal fans we have out there!

Also taking up our time is the preparation for this year's Summer of Sonic event! Expect to see us with a definite presence there, again. The guest list once again includes STC alumni Nigel Dobbyn as well as the return of Nigel Kitching, so make sure you get along to it! (You'll also have the chance to meet some faces from Archie's Sonic comic, but that choice is up to you) 25th of June. More details at www.summerofsonic.com

Also, the 29th of May marks STC's 18th birthday, as well as Nigel Kitching's [data expunged] birthday. Head on over to the Message Zone to send them your best wishes!

Anyway, on to issue 254! I'm sure you'll have noticed the outstanding cover we have this issue. As part of Sonic's 20th anniversary, we're bringing you something special with each release, this time a cover pencilled and inked by the magnificent Nigel Dobbyn. Colours are by our very own Pete Murphy. I'm sure you'll agree it's an excellent collaboration!

In the strips, we've got serious fireworks as Sonic clashes with Amy. It's the first time the pair have met since Robotnik's invasion and Amy wants some answers! See if she gets the gets them in War of the Rose!

Giving you a double dose of Amy Rose, Vane Hopes sees her on bodyguard duty as she once again has to endure the company of international singing star, Fabian Vane!

The current chapter for Shorty and Tekno comes to a close this issue. Will they make it home or will they fall victim to the plans of the evil god, Set? Even if they do make it home, will things ever be the same for the pair again? The journey concludes in Come Crashing Down.

Finally, the House of the Dead gang dive head-first into fresh terrors as Charnel House continues. You may want to peek at this story through your fingers!

There's an interview covering the career of former STC artist Nigel Dobbyn in the current issue of Judge Dredd Megazine (issue 310) so pick that up if you want the inside scoop.

Finally, we say a fond farewell and good luck to Fast Ash, who's leaving us at STC for pastures new!


The Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe were once again foiled by Metropolis Police yesterday. They had been planning to organise and coordinate a strike that would ensure every car radio in Metropolis would be locked onto Miss Gogo's latest single Blackjack Head on repeat while the engine was turned on.
Witnesses were described as showing immense relief at the failure of the plan, with Mr Robin Holms, 45, commenting, "This would have stopped all car traffic in the city!" Police apparently learned of the plan when DRAT attempted to use a social networking site to plan their attack, but forgot to turn it off of "public" in the viewing settings.


The reported leak in the Chemical Plant has been discovered. According to Chicio Marxio, CEO of the plant "I was misquoted, I didn't say we'd found a leak, I meant to say we found a leek, and it was delicious in soup."


Several hundred more sites have all been hit by the RoboVi virus that has been doing the rounds. Leading tech experts are looking into the situation, but critics suggest results are to be 'dissappointing considering the history'. A lead expert said "I would not be surprised if more people are affected", and warned people to stay off any sites that began with an S."


A new factory, previously thought to be a Robotnik munitions camp was revealed to be a cuddly toy factory. The owner, Fredde Le Bleu, said "We do not blame G.U.N, if we were in their shoes, we'd've raided us too. But I assure you, this is a perfectly legitimate, toymaking company, and certainly not a smuggling ring."

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