Hey Boomers!

It's been a hectic winter for all, I've lost count of the number of times I've had to replace my burnt-out circuits over the last few months! Anyway, after managing to wrestle the Humes back into their pens - um, I mean offices, we're finally ready to bring you issue #253 of Sonic the Comic - Online!

We kick things off with the second part of Ebony and Ivory. After running into the secret Order of Magick and Blaze the Cat, the surprises keep coming for Sonic in this bumper sized strip! Tails also runs into some new faces in Tails & The Ultimax! Read on to find out just who this new team is and where they fit into the new status-quo. Tekno and Shorty look to finally be on their way home! Of course, nothing's ever so simple, find out what's next to stand in their way in The Long Road. Finally, get ready for more zombie thrills and chills in a brand new House of the Dead story, Charnel House.

Aside from strips, we've got another cracking instalment of the Encyclopedia Badnika, House of the Dead secret files, a selection of awesome wallpapers, some more Speedlines!

Of course June 23rd, 2011 makes 20 years since the blue blur first graced our TV screens in his first video game adventure, expect some fantastic features from us celebrating this achievement all throughout the coming year!

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See you next issue!


The Starlight Zone Air Corps and High-Range Flying Group successfully routed an attack by Buzzer Uberniks. Wing Commander Feathering stated: “We’ve seen the result of Robotnik’s saturation bombing, and he’s not going to do it here.”


The Jungle Joyride Zone has come under horrific attack, with half the Zone now overrun. The King has ordered the Royal JJ Navy to evacuate civilians and the government, rather than join the battle. It is the third Adabat Zone to be conquered.


After months of fierce fighting, the Underground Movement have succeeded in defeating the Odour Zone occupation. Heliports and Badnik posts were sabotaged before Marcel Skunk himself led a raid on Robotnik’s local command hub.

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