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This is the zone where you, the Boomers, get to write in with whatever you desire. With this fancy new Internet thing going, I'll be able to respond to every message we get, while sending the best ones off to the Humes for printing in each issue of Sonic the Comic – Online!

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Dear Megadroid,

I’d just like to begin by saying I’ve been a big fan of Sonic The Comic since it first began and I really appreciate the fact that I can read new issues online after all these years. I cannot believe after all these years I can get my letter printed in your mag. But I have a big request: would it be possible to offer your great magazine as a download. I’d really just like to read it at any time, (especially when my Internet access goes crazy and stops working).

Anyway, a big thank you for great memories.
Pedro Ferreira
Lucky days for you, Pedro! Many of the Message Zone Boomers have been working themselves silly converting most of the Sonic the Comic Online issues in .cbr formats for download from our Message Zone! Check it out here.
Brothers in Arms
Dear Megadroid,

I saw from time to time some awesome weapons in the comic (like Amy's bow gun), and thought it would be cool if Sonic had some sorta weapon like a gun or Tails with a gun.

We all have our favourites, personally here at STC-O we always liked the Troopers ridiculous rifles. As for Sonic and Tails, I think they're having too much fun bouncing around to stop and aim.
One More Pleased Artist
Dear Megadroid,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring my picture in your 250th issue! I really didn't think I'd get in with all the better artists out there, but it definitely makes me feel wonderful after years of dreaming about getting a picture in StC as a kid.

Really loved the whole issue and was happy to see so many cameos of so many awesome characters. Thank you to all the people who work so hard on the comic, it makes a lot of us fans very happy. And there were definitely loads of brilliant artists working on this issue, so I hope to see more from them in upcoming issues.

Here's to StC-O!
The Humes broke open a few bottles of champagne for issue 250 too, you know? The Graphics Zone only made it sweeter, of course...your hard working Droid here got nothing. As usual. You'll have plenty chance to see those same artists in work in future issues, starting with this one right here! Look out for our new artists yet to debut their awesome material!
Getting the Credit I Deserve
Dear Megadroid,(I never thought I would get to write, well.. type, those words again)

Today I was searching random articles on a well known online encyclopedia when with my excitement about the new Sonic The Hedgehog 4, I remembered my all time favourite comic as a kid. STC!! I decided to have a look and see if it ever came to a conclusion after they started reprinting the old stories. That's when I lost interest. The new Humes did it!! You guys brought back the Sonic universe the way I remembered and loved it and most of all I'm glad to see the return of you Megadroid. I can't wait to read more. I need to start reading past issues now to find out what happened to some of my fav characters.

Thanks for bringing back a piece of my childhood.
Graham Donnelly
I think we can all agree that I'm the best thing returning to Sonic the Comic Online, Graham! Should you wish to catch up, you can find out “Back Issues” link above in the menu.
Call the Repairman
Dear Megadroid,

After reading Issue 232, I realised either I missed something in the last few printed issues, OR there is a really BIG plot hole involving Shortfuse. Going from memory, Shortly after Issue 100, he was found alive (after the EMP cut his primary power, when Super Sonic returned in issue 100) He left for this other world, to assist in a war. He later returned to Mobius with a being called Amber IIRC, She freed him from his armour, but was forced to give up his freedom when Vermin attacked them. Did Vermin make a copy of this 'program' or take it fully, trapping Shortfuse in the armour again? Because Issue 232 shows him free to activate the armour at will. If you could fill in the blanks for me, that would be great.

Vermin did indeed "take" Shortfuse's program that let him leave his armour, thus trapping poor Shorty in it once more. However in Issue #174, at the last moment before Robotnik finished off our Hedgehog hero, Shortfuse took Robotnik's power by using his suit to interrupt Robotnik's machine giving him Godlike powers. The resulting overload destroyed the Cybernik armour completely and forever.

Fast forward to Issue #232 and we find Shortfuse with a new armour built for him by Tekno! This, I'm sure, you know the proceedings from.

Hope that helps, Boomer!
Returning Veteran
Dear Megadroid,


My name is Donna and I'm a long time fan of STC ever since I was little. I always oooh'ed and aaaah'ed over the artwork in Speedlines and I adored and was inspired by the artwork back in the day (and still do, of Lynne Triplett from Glasgow, who was published quite a few times)

I was over the moon when a drawing of mine (pictured below) was published back in 1998:

I would love to submit something new to you and wondered how often STC is online now and if you have any competitions in the Graphics Zone at all?

I'm making a Sonic-related costume at the moment also, but would love to do a drawing just for you guys!

I hope you can help in my enquiries and hopefully I can submit something to you soon! Oh, and do the pictures have to have a particular theme every issue?

I look forward to hearing from you!
P.S Richard Elson is ace :D
Donna M Evans
Seems we have a long time Boomer with us here, folks! The Graphics Zone is always open to submissions, why, just check out this issues propaganda styled Graphics Zone! We'de love to see your stuff, Donna, and the same goes for anyone who's a fan of Sonic the Comic Online!
Orange, Fuzzy, and Fine the way He Is!
Dear Megadroid,

I read your comics, I'm actually just getting started with STC online since I just found out about it, and it's still as awesome as ever.

Tails is my favourite character in the Sonic series, and I just wanted to say that to see you all appreciate Tails' true character and that you aren't going to make him use weapons or other things that I think ruins his cute little kid aspect makes you guys my heroes of the week! I'm glad you'll keep my high-flying hero up where he belongs, I've always wanted to fly, so I've always idolized Tails for his ability to, and your comics really capture my favourite aspects of his abilities in Sonic 3 and his personality in the first Sonic Adventure. Don't get me wrong, the Tornado is cool, I like biplanes, but that's as far as I ever wanted to see Tails. For me, SA2 took it too far, and I'm sorry to those who like it, but Sonic isn't a shooter, it's a platformer, the mech stages didn't belong in Sonic... At least not as often as they were used...

Anyway keep doing what you guys do, because it's awesome.
- Random fan
My central processor can run any game on this planet it wants and yet even I still find myself playing the Megadrive era games the most. It was just that good, Boomers.

As for everyone's favourite flying fox, if our Message Zone polls in the past are anything to go by, he is indeed very popular amongst the fans. I'm sure he'll be flying high for many stories to come.