Hey Boomers! After a good degree of positive feedback over the competition we ran in Sonic the Comic Online #250 and the pictures it showcased, the Humes have given me permission to delve through my memory banks from the Message Zone and my email inbox from you Boomers to find some more art to show you every so often!

Yes, Boomers. This is it. The official return of a more regular Graphics Zone!

Unfortunately, those Humes, being selfish as usual, wouldn't spare any of their lunch money to fund my Graphics Zone. No fancy new office for me, unlike that Editor Hume lounging in his en-suite high class office upstairs. Instead, this is all off of my own back. Don't let it ever be known I'm not nice to you Boomers. So this will not be a regular feature. Instead, this will run every time we get in enough artwork. So if you want to see more Graphics Zone, you can!

It seems that after Issue #250 many of you were really getting into the spirit of things. In particular, two of our Message Zone Humes got enough into the spirit of it they started drawing a lot of propaganda about it!

This time around, we had to go digging in the Message Zone for pictures a little. But in future, please send all pictures and art to us via megadroid@stconline.co.uk
Claire Ryan
From Claire Ryan, an entrant to our #250 competition, we had a piece inspired by #250. Looking at one of the real heroes of the hour, Amy Rose making a statement to the citizens of Mobius to stand up and fight any Badniks in the area!

Matt Dittmer
Meanwhile, Matt Dittmer was very busy, cranking out three propaganda images inspired by the Battle for Mobius in #250! The first, once again shows our favourite crossbow wielding hedgehog once more looking rather displeased with a Badnik she's just trashed!

The next takes a look into some old friends...Zonerunners! What are the others like aside from Tails and the Flock? Matt clearly has an idea and this poster wills them to keep fighting!

Our final image of this issue shows a wall in a city with too many little references and shout outs for my robotic brain to handle! Here's a challenge, Boomers, email me every one you can spot, see who gets them all first! Matt said in his letter for this that he did just the middle one first and that was supposed to be it, but he got quite carried away! We certainly don't begrudge that one bit, folks.

Well folks, I'd love to do a huge credits sign off for this. But as I said, the Humes have forced me to run this myself. My poor poor circuits can barely handle the workload. But that's no reason to not send in art. If you have any Sonic the Comic themed art (Sonic, Decap...whatever) then please do send them in to get featured! Chances are if enough of you do it'll be every issue, if not, every time we have enough. Lets see what you've got Boomers...

It's up to you now to show us your talent.