Hey Boomers!

It’s a new decade – and a new start for Sonic the Comic! A new wartime status quo! New characters! New features! New creators! Same old Sonic and Co! (And unfortunately, he’s wearing the same old socks…)

First up, Sonic finds himself far from home and dealing with high stakes in The Universe Game! Back on Mobius, the war against Robotnik has reached the Internet – but Chaotix are fighting back, with a Rage Inside The Machine! Tails, now Hero of Mobius, has to return to the Nameless Zone in Visa Vixen… and this time, he’s not showing any nerves!

And if that’s not enough, Amy Rose goes out of this world to fight Monsters on the Miracle Planet. If you’re a new reader or just want a refresh, check out the Data Zone to get caught up to speed!

You want features? You got them! Not just posters, but two articles: “ace” reporter Choy covers the GUN military alliance, and nerd supreme Norris Wimple: presents the start of his Encyclopedia Badnika. (Now you see why the humes ask me to pay them!)

One thing we’ve loved seeing at STC-O is the Mobian propaganda poster fan-art that’s been inspired by #250. Being egotists, we’re always happy to see more: if you’ve made any such posters, tell us at Speedlines or show them at our Message Zone!


Residents of the Zone blasted the invasion with the following statement, "A very unsophisticated entrance, I'm afraid. Their dress code was completely out of order!"

Zonerunners have arrived to help, but are having trouble negotiating entrance to the zone until all troops undergo mandatory manners sessions.


Burrowbot and Grounder forces have been confirmed to be working as saboteurs in the Bridge Zone, attempting to cut links from South Island and the mainland. Civilians have been requested to keep an eye out.


The Zone leader awarded the team the Victoria Saltire for their work. Group leader Tux noted with pride that his comrade Tuftee had been captured eight times and beaten up a further five, “but he keeps coming back for more!”.

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