G.U.N. Report!

Breaking news, blogland – G.U.N. has just signed up a lot of new Member-Zones and might be crossing paths with YOU!

For the dimwits among you, G.U.N. was part of that weirdo Third Development (3D) movement in the Station Square Zone soon after Robotnik was overthrown. They had that idea that Mobius shouldn’t be made up of Zones but of these things called “nations”, which would be like one big Zone containing lots of little Zones. And these nations would be in united federations, and we’d all vote “Presidents” or something. It was the worst idea since Charmy Bee was part of Celebrity Big Bruv - nobody went for it!

The initiative was conceived by several Zone Leaders and local police chiefs as a response to the idea that either Robotnik or some other loony as bad as Robotnik may one day wage war on Mobius again. The Member-Zones would unite their departments of law enforcement to fight mutual threats, but only upon being “Voted in” by the people to intercede. Y’see, G.U.N (supposedly) answer to the Zone Leaders and the Zone Leaders (apparently) answer to the people. Needless to say, the idea of some kinda governing body having singular control over what was essentially a global military didn’t appeal to those who had just come out of being Ruled By Robotnik!

G.U.N sort of hung around for a few years being ignored, but since the war started they’ve become real popular! A source who works in their mailroom “flickied” that they’ve signed up fifteen new Member-Zones – including the Emerald Hill Zone!

Heck, they’re even offering a “Try-Before-You-Buy” initiative whereby unaffiliated Zones can call upon G.U.N for help and they’ll temporarily come in. Nice of them isn’t it? So, one day G.U.N may turn up in your Zone! (But only if you want them to...apparently) Is this a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Only time will tell!

G.U.N. Central Command is in the Station Square Zone. Their boss is called Commander Steele, but that’s a codename to prevent assassinations. EVERYONE has a codename in G.U.N. – precious metals like Megatel and Gold for special operatives, sturdy ones like Iron (and Steel! Er, Steele) for high rank, and low-rank admin types get naff ones like Nickel. (You have to give them props for sticking to a theme, right? I bet if O.O.E.R. did this, they’d get desperate and start making ones up, like “Vibranium” or something…)

The big question is: what does “G.U.N.” stand for anyway? Well, according to their new website, their motto is “Putting Ammunition in A New Mission” and “G.U.N.” stands for their mission statement which is: “Guard, Unify and Nurture” However the theory is that they only came up with that today – they came up with the name first and have spent two years trying to figure what to make the letters stand for! Poseurs!

~Posted by Choy on April 17th 2010 at 7:30pm.
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G.U.N. Report!
April 17th 2010