Issue #250 - January 2010


Welcome to Speedlines!

Welcome to Speedlines, where you, the Boomers, get to write in with whatever you desire. With this fancy new Internet thing going, I'll be able to respond to every message we get, while sending the best ones off to the Humes for printing in each issue of Sonic the Comic – Online!


Dear Megadroid,

It would be a bit nice to see Tails use some sort of weapon, like his sword from the Nameless Zone, or his "Prower Blaster" (Energy Ball/punching glove gun) from "Sonic Battle". Even though it's still cool to see Tails in action again. Amy is also another fave. Seeing as how she's not a "ditz" like in the games (from SA2 and on) and Archie comics. No offense to those who read and are a fan of the Archie version of Sonic.

Best of luck,

Well it might somewhat affect his “cute and innocent” style a little, and he does prefer to avoid his Nameless Zone experiences. I think Tails will be leaving the shooting to the expert! (Amy)


Dear Megadroid,

I've been a big fan of the comics since I was a young child and I think it’s amazing how you've managed to keep it going at such an amazing standard! I was just wondering whether there are any jobs or anything I could do? I'm quite a dab hand in art so I was wondering if there is anything available?

I completely understand if there is nothing going.

James Hall
Nice to see me get the respect I deserve, those Humes would be nothing without your dear old Megadroid! At least I hope that's what you meant...

As for jobs, it's best to get on the Message Zone and post some artwork! It's the best place to get noticed!


Dear Megadroid,

Goes without saying that I like Thalia's art.

Unfortunately I don't like the story for this strip (Sonic Riders – Road Race) in the case of 'where is it'. There just doesn't seem to be a point to it.

Also, there's one particularly badly placed speech bubble. In that panel with Sonic rushing past the Rogues? Yeah, there's a massive gap that you could have placed it in, and instead you chose to put it over the top of Sonic's head. It leaves the top of that panel looking empty.

Rest assured the letterer was fired!


Dear Megadroid,

I have been reading StC:Online for quite a while now, and I'm loving it!

Also: will we ever see Shadow again? Or Morain for that matter?

Charles Lazaroo
We've got a lot of feedback wanting or not wanting Shadow...only time will tell whether there is a future for the Ultimate Lifeform. As for Morain...just wait a while...


Dear Megadroid,

Will we see another Sonic comic in a while cause I'm really excited and stumbled upon this section of the website.

Keifer Griffon
Check out Sonic's multi-page Badnik bonanza scrapping in this issue's main feature, Mr Griffon! As for the future, there is, of course, much more to come from everyone's favourite blue hedgehog.


Dear Megadroid,

Hello! My name is Natalya. I’m from Russia. I live in small city Kirov. It is very beautiful. Write to me on my e-mail, and I’ll sent to you my photos. I think, that you like me. And now it is a little about me: I’m 27 years old. I visit theatre, ballet, I look cinema with pleasure, I read, I write verses. I like to enjoy beauty of the nature at any time of the year, I adore walks in wood, picnics, travel, acquaintances to new cities and sights. I love productive leisure and I like to listen to silence, noise of the sea.

Please answer only to my personal e-mail.

Wow, Boomers! Seems it's this robot's lucky day today!


Dear Megadroid,

Been reading through the old issues and been wondering:

What do you do with all the old bodies you've had?

As I hope you do for many years keep up the freaking awesome work.

Dragon Breeder
I assure you my cupboard is crammed full with the things, Boomer! Although I had been wondering about eBay...


Dear Megadroid,

I know you probably get letters like this all the time but here goes. I started reading STC when I was 8 with issue 5 waaay back in 1993. I collected very nearly every issue up to 139 (the only comic I collected). After discovering them in a box in my parents' attic at my current age of 24 I felt all nostalgic. I sent many letters and pics in over the years but never got any published, having you read this letter can give me some sort of closure on that front. I'd like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Richard Elson who gave me so much inspiration when drawing, which I did a lot as a kid. I thought his distinct style captured the universe perfectly. I would also like to thank everyone involved with STC from 1993 to 1998. You truly enriched my childhood, and that's something I'll never forget.

Yours as humble as a hume can be

Alex Harper
This letter genuinelly touched the Humes on the staff, Alex. It even inspired them to work for once! But your waiting is over and you've finally been featured after all these years and what an issue to be featured in! I'm sure Richard Elson would be happy to know his work inspired you.