Issue #250 - January 2010

Graphics Zone

Hey Boomers!

As was promised, Sonic the Comic – Online's art competition ends with this very special issue! And wow, you Boomers did not disappoint!

The competition was to draw a picture (or any art medium) that reminds us of why it is we hold Sonic the Comic so near and dear; not necessarily the best art (although it certainly helped!) but the one that showed the “Spirit of STC”, as our Humes started to call it.

Tons of you responded, leading us to up our final draws to eight winners instead of the five we originally planned. We just couldn't choose! Indeed, the Humes put the delay on Issue 250 down entirely to sitting around, scratching their heads like apes and pondering which pieces to vote for.

So here it is, Boomers, the best of the STC Artwork submitted, as chosen by our Artist, Writer and Editor Humes, as well as the Moderator Humes of the Message Zone! If your image didn't make it into the final eight, remember we have our Graphics Zone on the Message Zone for you to post the entries in to let everyone else see them! Also, don't forget we love to see all your Sonic the Comic artwork (and may feature it!), so send them to us via Speedlines.

(Pictures are in no particular order and all Humes that entered the competition were restricted from voting ~ Editor Hume)

Daniel Williams

Graphics Zone - Daniel Williams

First up, from Daniel Williams comes a picture no doubt inspired by the story “Running Wild”, a favourite among Sonic the Comic fans. The Humes thought this picture grabbed the energy and destruction of that story arc. Great job, Daniel!

Giles M

Graphics Zone - Giles M

If there's one thing that people love, it's a great baddy and Sonic the Comic had tons of em! It seems Giles M thinks so too, as they drew loads of them! No doubt looking into “Robotnik Reigns Supreme” for a theme, many of the Humes just loved seeing some of their favourite baddies portrayed once more.

Emmy Roll

Graphics Zone - Emmy Roll

Time for us to take a little step into the darker areas of this article as we find this beautifully made image of Sonic and Super Sonic. That evil monster is a fan favourite (the most featured character in this competitions entries, no less!) and it seemed Saku666 wanted to show him in his most terrifying light.


Graphics Zone - GFC

From one dark and disturbing to one that’s darkly humorous, G.F.C has thrown together many aspects of Sonic the Comic, including the popular Decap Attack into one group shot! Exactly what is transpiring here had us all perplexed (well, nothing new then) for some time. There's even Johnny's Ghost! It's got it all!

Marcus Stockley

Graphics Zone - Marcus Stockley

Is “Robotnik Reigns Supreme” popular? It must be, as Marcus Stockley also created this lavish group shot of the evildoers that rose against Sonic throughout it all. Just as Sonic swore he would never give up, it seems that the fans swear they will never forget!

Sam Cyber Cat

Graphics Zone - Sam Cyber Cat

As much as everyone loves a good evil Super Sonic, plenty (including us here at STC-O) also enjoy his time as a pacifist. It seems Sam Cyber Cat also thinks so, as they have put together the intrepid trio of that time, Super, Ebony and Pyjamas.

Joanne Whitworth

Graphics Zone - Joanne Whitworth

We've had Running Wild and Robotnik Reigns Supreme, so why not a little taste of “Heroes and Villains” by Joanne Whitworth? Lord Sidewinder and his gang of cronies alongside the Chaotix Crew. Sidewinder is a popular enemy of Sonic and Chaotix. Will he ever re-appear? Did he survive the Special Zone's destruction? Watch this space...

Pete Murphy

Graphics Zone - Pete Murphy

And last but certainly not least from Pete Murphy we have an iconic scene from Sonic the Comic's history (and one we're sure any child of the 90's remembers fondly from Sonic 3, too!) of the Death Egg above the Sky Sanctuary of the Floating Island! Sonic and Knuckles stare down their greatest threat yet in this lavish and nostalgic image.

Well there you have it, Boomers! It's been an absolute pleasure viewing all of these outstanding entries (and the loads of other great ones that we received too!) and we can't thank you enough for your excellent participation. Especially since the Humes were too cheap to even offer a prize! I hope that being featured in this epic issue of Sonic the Comic Online for all to see makes you happy, you deserve it from your effort!

Who knows, maybe I can convince the Humes to sign something next time?

Megadroid, signing off!

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