Issue #250 - January 2010

Control Zone

Hey Boomers!

The big Two-Five-Oh is upon us! Our first ish back in 1993 seems long ago (well, it was!), and it’s taken a long time to get here. So how do we mark this event? How do we show the world that STC is still as sharp as it ever was and the blue blur has lots of life left in him?

Enter… The Battle For Mobius, the single longest STC story ever, with an all-star creative team and more twists than a twisty thing!

On top of that beauty, we’ve got the usual posters and Speedlines, and a special feature on Sonic and the Black Knight’s art competition. Some of you may be unaware that three of STC-O’s own artists entered and won: now find out how they dunnit! If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got the results of our own Graphic Zone competition!

And it’s a fond farewell to mega-humes Ed Reynolds, Zak Simmonds-Hurn and Chris Gould, who (aside from some snazzy upcoming posters) are leaving STC-O for the wider, wonderful world of paying comic work! Buy their stuff when it comes out, or we’ll send the Troopers round!

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