Hey Boomers!

It’s the end of all our current stories in this issues – everything’s coming to its end! Change is coming, something that’s sometimes unsettling, but is necessary (especially when talking about the humes’ socks…). But one thing that won’t change is us bringing you the cutting edge in Sega strips!

The originally advertised lead strip is unfortunately delayed – drawing the you-know-what’s is a tricky job, but the doctor’s assure us the artist will make a full recovery! In its place, Tails and Amy have to deal with the fact that they’re the Last One’s Standing to defend Mobius! Meanwhile, Tekno’s two strips come to a conclusion, facing off against Set in the present and Nack in the past – and some shocks are coming! And in the final slot, Knuckles tries to track down his missing Prisoner!

Are you a new reader and wondering what I’m talking about? Head for the Data Zone (and Back Issues!) to get caught up!

On top of that, we have a barrage of Review Zones and a slew of Pinups!

Keep your eyes peeled, Boomers – coming up is both a Spring Special and the juggernaut that is our landmark 250th issue. In fact, why just sit and wait? If you’re a budding artist, head for the Graphics Zone for your chance to be PART of #250!

And it’s not just art we like at STC-O, we’re all in favour of any STC-related fan works! Special note, however, goes to Yorkshire’s own Studio Whats-his-name AKA Black Dog Brew for his Sonic the Comic Retrospective videos on Youtube!

Younger and delicate Boomers be warned, some of the videos contain swearing!


Editors - Charles Ellis & Mike Corker
Designer - Mike Corker