Hey Boomers!

All eyes are on the Olympics, with Britain winning gold medals and explosive opening ceremonies and sports you’ve never heard of before! Unfortunately, the walls of the London Underground are determined to have all eyes on the London 2012 logo – I now switch my optics off every time I go out, just to be sure. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen since I was pitched a Doctor Robonik pin-up calendar…

All our heroes are on the edge this time – especially Sonic, framed and arrested for crimes against Mobius! His only hope now is a Jail Break! Meanwhile, with Rouge teleporting an explosive into the same room as the Zone’s aristocracy, can the Hill Top zone secret service save the day in Rouge Alert? As for our third strip, it’s a little flashback to an untold Amy and Tekno adventure! When a mysterious Revolutionary seizes power in a tyrannical Zone, it’s up to our heroines to investigate – and they won’t like what they find! All that, and a new Review Zone!

What’s that, you say? You’d waiting for the final instalment of the Vichama epic? It’s coming your way sooner than you think – as is #248 with the second half of our Tekno & Shorty saga and the shocking end of our Sonic story, and an entirely new strip is on its way too! You’ve never had it so good!


Editors - Charles Ellis & Mike Corker
Designer - Mike Corker

Fans of our amazing art hume, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, will be pleased to know he recently started working for the fantastic weekly kid’s comic The DFC!

Starting in issue 11, you’ll find Zak providing the visuals for ‘The Strange Strange World of Weird’ so check it out!