The Story So Far... The Story So Far...

For years, the evil Doctor Robotnik ruled Planet Mobius. Eventually, Sonic and his Freedom Fighter gang defeated Robotnik and freed the planet. Now they fight to keep it safe from whatever might threaten it.

Sonic Sonic

Sonic is the super-fast hero of Planet Mobius, and leads a gang of freedom fighters. He is totally committed to keeping Mobius and its people safe – not that this stops the media from slandering him!

Kane Percival Kane

This tyrannical tycoon owns vast amounts of Mobius’ news media. For months now, he’s now running a media smear campaign against Sonic – and it’s working!

Norris Norris Wimple

The biggest nerd on Mobius, Norris has an odd knack for wandering into dangerous situations. Whenever Badnik’s attack, you’ll find Norris taking down their serial numbers…

Big Big

A good-natured and dim-witted cat, Big lives a lazy and content existence wandering around looking for food. This has an odd knack of getting him involved in bizarre and dangerous situations- like the Family crime syndicate targeting him!

Harvestman Harvestman
& Herne

The primary enforcers of Don Long-Legs, Harvestman is a sharply-dressed gunslinger while Herne is happy as long as he gets to smash things. Together, they take on any threat to the Family – and they’ve found out Big is far more dangerous than they thought…

Ristar Ristar

Son of the legendary hero Itzamna, Ristar saved his father and the known galaxy from the evil Kaiser Greedy. Now he’s surrounded by fame and fans – none of whom know what he gets up to in private…