Hey Boomers!  

We’re reaching the middle of May, and for some of you that means enjoying the odd bit of sunny weather we’ve been having. Unless you’re one of the Humes, in which case you’re being forced to do work! They were goofing off playing the new Sonic games the other day and I had to give them a stern ticking-off. (I’d like to say that there is no truth to the office rumour that the real reason I stopped them playing was because they were beating my high score. Nobody can beat my high score. I cleared the first level with three Rings and everything!)

Out Of Psyche, Out Of Mind comes to its conclusion this issue- but not a logical one! With minds in the wrong bodies and a completely bizarre attack being launched on Metropolis Zone, there’s no telling which way this will end! Speaking of ends, the final part of In Cold Blood is out. The sinister Bleed has already put Tails and Amy in the hospital; can anyone stop him?! And it’s also the beginning of the end for all of Mobius in a new Knuckles epic. The mysterious Vichama has been the subject of much speculation since he debuted, and now the God of Death is ready to make his move - only Knuckles and Tikal stand against him! As always, if you’re a new reader or need a refresher, the Data Zone contains all the relevant information.

We also have a special treat for you in the Archive Zone – the original lead script for #224! Things at STC-O would have taken a very different turn if this had been our debut Sonic story – what might have been…

And of course, STC-O is currently one of the five final nominations for the Favourite Web-Based Comic category in the Eagle Awards. How do we win the award? By your votes! (I hope this doesn’t encourage the Humes to ask for wages again…) May the 12th will be the day of judgement to see how we did. May the 12th and 13th are, of course, the dates of the Bristol Comic Expo, the United Kingdom’s biggest comic festival. Some of the Humes, past and present, will be there – will YOU?


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Mike Corker

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