Hey, Boomers!

We’re back in action! Holding off on showing you the high-speed thrills we were producing was hard indeed, and convincing the Humes to do work instead of bothering with sleep was even harder. But it’s finally paid off as we loving give you brand new Sonic adventures, Sonic heroes and Sonic rushings!

Following on from last issue, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are out to swat down the Insect Family - and considering the enforcer that stands in their way in Out Of Psyche, Out Of Mind, I wouldn’t like to bet on them succeeding! Meanwhile, there’s a special one-shot story for Knuckles. Ever since STC-O started, Knuckles has been through a lot and Solitary shows us where that’s left him. Then we’re off to the mean streets in the 2-part Tails chiller, In Cold Blood ! Plus, STC's resident "Retrogamer", Iain Stewart, goes back to the future in the latest Review Zone: it's the all new Sonic the Hedgehog game!

Meanwhile, this year’s Eagle Awards have begun, covering all of 2006’s comics, ready to be handed out at May’s Comic Expo. What’s this got to do with STC Online? Well, this year the Eagle’s are taking write-in votes once more – meaning you can help this comic win a prestigious award! Just go to The Eagle Awards and nominate “SONIC THE COMIC ONLINE” on the Favourite Web-Based Comic list until 28 February; and then return in March for the big vote! We’re also up for two options for Favourite Comics Cover of 2006, and Sonic himself is selectable as Favourite Comic Character. And don’t forget, old Hume alumni like Richard Elson (Favourite Comic Artist: Pencils), the late great Tom Frame (Favourite Letterer), Lew Stringer (Favourite Writer/Artist) and Nigel Kitching (Favourite Writer and Writer/Artist) are also up for votes!

2006 may have been great at STC Online, but 2007 will be, as a wise droid once said, sharper than a cyber razor cut. Don't miss it!

  • Editor - Charles Ellis
  • Supervising Editors - Ed Reynolds & Mike Corker
  • Designer - Mike Corker
  • Cover Art - Mike Corker
Sonic the Comic is copyright © Egmont Magazines Ltd. Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters © SEGA. Other characters belong to their creators.
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