Hey, Boomers!

Well, summer is well and truly over and we’re back to standard British weather-  i.e., miserable! Guess even the weather has to go back to school this month. Speaking of miserable, it’s my sad duty to inform you that STC-O will be going on hiatus until early next year; due to the problems we’ve been having bringing out issues on schedule (otherwise known as the Curse of Mark Millar), we’re taking a break so we can regroup and get a schedule for 2007. This is as annoying for us as it is for you – but rest assured that this is NOT the end of STC-O! This is Sonic’s fifteenth year in existence – if he’s been around this long, do you think he’s quitting now?! There’ll be news on the relaunch date in a Poster Mag out in mid-December, so keep an eye out!

The Family aren’t just taking over the Casino Night Zone, they’re taking over this issue too! First off we have them trying to shut down a rival casino in a most explosive manner, leaving Sonic and Tails Dicing With Death! Then it’s the conclusion of Bitten by the Gambling Bug, as the Family send a friendly warning to Tails & Amy… in other words, sending smash-happy enforcer Herne to squish them! Can our heroes avoid concrete shoes? And finally, we have have the return of… Robotnik?! Hang on a minute, wasn’t he reduced to a drooling wreck ages ago? Find out what’s going on in Robotnik Forever!

And added to that, we have a spiffy poster or two celebrating Sonic’s 15th. It’s also 13 years since STC first came out, and three years since STC-O debuted. Give yourselves a pat on the back, Boomers – without you and your support, we wouldn’t be here today. And because of you and your support, we will be back – and that’s a promise!


Lew Stringer’s superhero spoof Brickman is back, saving the day by hitting people in the head with bricks! A new full-colour series of strips, entitled Brickman Returns, is now running in Elephantmen, published by Image Comics. Younger Boomers beware though – Elephantmen’s subject matter is for mature readers.

And he’s not the only old hume with new material – Nigel Kitching’s new Grott the Mighty strip, featuring two alien invaders stuck on Earth, has arrived in the magazine Toxic!, appearing regularly in every second issue after #84!

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