Hey, Boomers!

Ah, May. This is a month with some significance around the STC-O offices - it's the month we're getting a new vending machine. And it's also the month that STC, STC-O and Nigel Kitching were all born and released onto the world! Add that to the fact it's the Blue Spikey One's 15th anniversary next month, and there's a whole lot of birthday celebrations going on. Both Sonic and STC have been around for a long while now; give yourself a pat on the back, Boomers, for supporting them for so long!

Not one, not two, not four but THREE new strips start this issue! Now, Sonic the Hedgehog- beloved hero to us all, right? He overthrew Robotnik’s tyranny and has protected planet Mobius for years. Surely he’s a good guy? You may change your mind when you hear The Inside Story! Meanwhile, Amy has her own solo adventure. Long-term Boomers will remember how Amy originally pestered Sonic by pretending to be his girlfriend- her karma finally arrives in Chasing Amy! And then she’s joining with Tails as they go back to Casino Night Zone to investigate the gang warfare and dodgy dealings. And where there’s gang warfare and dodgy dealings in that Zone, there’s Max Gamble! What is the old villain up to? Well, I’m not telling you here, am I!

We also have an exclusive review of the new Sonic Riders game, and a new collection of posters. STC-O and Sonic may be getting older, but it's not effecting our coolness!

  • Editor - Charles Ellis
  • Supervising Editors - Ed Reynolds & Mike Corker
  • Assistant Editor - Matt Harris
  • Designer - Mike Corker
  • Cover Art - Orin
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