Hey, Boomers!

Ah, February, a time for Valentine’s Day, a time of love… And there’s no love going on at the STC-O offices! After all we’ve been through, the Humes have betrayed me and are demanding wages! Some are even threatening to go work for *gasp* *choke* Mario the Comic! I ask you. Still, we’ve got love for our loyal readers, so here’s a brand new issue of STC-O for you all.

It’s the end of the long-running Syndicate saga! It’s all-out action! It’s Super Sonic VS Shadow in a sizzling showdown, and this is a fight to the finish! Better watch out in The Sky Is Falling! If you’re a new reader, you better check the Data Zone or Back Issues to catch up! And the question on everyone’s lips- has Shorty gone nuts? Has he really turned Badnik? Can Tekno find out the truth? The Big Bang may give you more than you bargained for! And as a bonus, there’s a load of exclusive Super Sonic posters for you to use and a special preview of the upcoming Sonic Riders game!

But what is STC-O going to do now all our stories have ended? Make up some new ones, of course! We’re well into the New Year now, and that means a new direction for STC-O. Wait till you see what’s coming up in the rest of 2006!

  • Editor - Charles Ellis
  • Supervising Editors - Ed Reynolds & Mike Corker
  • Assistant Editor - Matt Harris
  • Designer - Mike Corker
  • Cover Art - Thalia Evans
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