Hey, Boomers!

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot… Because it makes a great excuse to let off fireworks! So what better time to have the Syndicate saga start going out with a bang? But don’t think it’s going to be a simple finish- we’ve been having plot twists a-plenty since the Syndicate made their debut in #228, and we’re not stopping now! If you’re new to the strip, you better go to the Data Zone and get caught up!

Sonic is back on Mobius, Knuckles is ready to regain the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow isn’t going to give up without a fight, there’s explosions that would make Guy Fawkes proud- What are you waiting for?! The pen-ultimate part of the Syndicate saga is here with Vendettas! Meanwhile, there’s dodgy goings on in the Metropolis Zone. Is Shortfuse really behind a chain of robberies and abductions? Can Tekno find out the truth in time? Find out in The Least Likely!

This issue also sees the explosive debut of a brand new strip, Shenmue the first strip to be based on a non-Sonic Sega game since Decap Attack ended in #132! Shenmue was a ground-breaking RPG back in the days of the Dreamcast, and this strip shows us how it all began. There will be more from Shenmue in future issues, so stay tuned!

We’ve also got a special Guy Fawkes feature for you all- a how-to guide for making your very own Robotnik ‘Guy’ for your bonfire! This issue also sees the return of the Review Zone as we take a look at the new Sonic Gems Collection game.

And if you’re wondering about what STC is going to do with the Shadow saga close to ending… Oh ye of little faith! It’s not over until the fat Doctor sings, and just wait until you see what’s coming up after next issue…


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